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Abhyangam and its types

When was the last time you had a massage? If you had one, it must have felt good, right?

Abhyangam provides a lot of benefits such as natural pain relief, increased blood circulation, eliminating toxins & more. In fact, getting massages are essential for maintaining the health of our body. What if you had your massage performed with some warm herbal oils?

That would be a rejuvenating experience, right?

Today, we are here to explain the importance of one of the most vital massaging techniques in Ayurveda, which is Abhyangam, and its different types.

The Divine solution

Abhyangam is an ancient form of ayurvedic massage therapy done with warm oils that are primarily done to detoxify the body and provide long-lasting relief from different forms of muscle pains and minimizes stress.

Abhyangam is derived from the Sanskrit words “abhi” and “anga”. Here abhi means towards and anga refers to movement. Normally in abhyangam, the body gets massaged in the direction of the body hair. There’s a reason for that.

Massaging the body in the direction towards the body hair increases the blood flow to the most vital parts of the body easily. Abhyangam is a daily routine procedure in Ayurvedic, which means it gets done with other ayurvedic procedures.


The different types

Abhyanga is a general term for a particular type of ayurvedic massage treatment. Based on different parts of the body, the different types of abhyangam procedures are as follows:

Sarvanga Abhyanga

Also known as the full body massage. It is performed on the entire body. The procedure is usually done by more than one licensed massage therapist.

The procedure involves the application of warm oils all over the patient’s body at seven different positions. Once the oils are slowly poured, the right amount of pressure along with circular or straight movements are done.

This ensures that the oils penetrate the skin and through massaging, every part of the body gets benefits. When choosing the oils for full-body massages, the type of oil must be taken into consideration. Depending on the body type of the person and the area to get the massage done.

For Vata body types sesame, olive or castor oil are the preferred ones. People having pitta body type coconut oil, sunflower oil or ghee are generally preferred whereas, for Kapha body types, mustard, sesame, corn or olive oil are the apt ones.

Shiro Abhyanga

Shiro abhyanga is ayurvedic massage treatment for the head. Performing a head massage has many health benefits. For massaging the scalp, coconut oil and sesame oil are the preferred oils. The massaging procedure involves giving gentle strokes using the palms and ending with circular massaging. This ensures that the oil reaches all sides of the head.

Pad abhyanga

Also known as the foot ayurvedic massage, this is mainly intended to improve the overall functioning of all the organs of the body. It stimulates the nerve endings at the foot.

It is performed by using specialized Ayurvedic oils and precise hand movements. This, in turn, revitalizes tired feet. This procedure provides effective relief for various types of leg problems and restores health by increasing blood circulation.

The Benefits

The benefits of ayurvedic massage treatments are beneficial for the body and the mind if done at a reputed ayurvedic medical clinic. These treatments provide physical, mental, and emotional benefits for the person. Some other main benefits of getting an Abhyangam for your body are the following:

  • Increased blood flow
  • Effective cleansing of the body from impurities
  • Effective treatment for Arthritis
  • Improves Muscle tone
  • Reduces Inflammation of joints
  • It promotes better sleep
  • Nourishing the skin and improving texture

Where to get it done

Getting an abhyangam or ayurvedic massage is essential for the body and has many benefits. Due to the advantages, it provides to the body, many people usually opt for these procedures. There are many ayurvedic clinics where you can get these treatments done by professional ayurvedic practitioners.

Always be cautious when preferring clinics. This is your body and your health which should not be messed with that in the hands of an inexperienced practitioner. Thus, if you intend to get the procedure done, avail the services of well-known ayurvedic clinics in Singapore that provide the right ayurvedic treatments. This will make your body and mind relaxed.

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