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8 tips to assure your Diabetes is under control

If we take the Health statistics of a year to know about most number of people who suffer from major chronic diseases. You will see the figures in the statistics having a steep rise. Getting to know about the chronic disease and incorporating certain routines in one’s life, the disease will cease to exist. One of the most complicated and life threatening chronic disease that we know one in every household have is Diabetes.

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Diabetes is generally caused by lack of insulin production in our body. It is also a chronic disease caused due to changing lifestyles and it has no permanent cure. You can only control the already raised levels of sugar. So it will be optimum if we take prevention. There are many reasons why people get diabetes and some of the most common reasons according to the experts of medical clinic Singapore are:

Unhealthy food habits

Today’s generation are prone to this disease as their eating habits cause major lifestyle problems. But many people make it a habit to have junk food everyday which results in deposition of excess fat and this in turn leads to chronic disease like diabetes.

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Sedentary life

Another important cause for diabetes is sedentary lifestyle. Many people especially children are leading sedentary life without any movement,just watching tv or playing games which leads to obesity in kids especially teenagers as they are already going through transformations as part of growing up.

Unhealthy habits

Apart from sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy food habits there is another important reason for people to get diabetes that is following habits like drinking alcohol. Apart from these familiar causes of diabetes we have many other causes of diabetes which people are not aware. They are:

Irregular eating habits

Our eating habits play a vital role in balancing our body. Having proper 3 meals is what you need to control all the major chronic diseases.

Stress induced diabetes

Life is filled with lots of stress. No matter where we go, what we do there is no escape from the fact called “stress”. It can be stress at your home, it can be work stress etc. no matter what type of stress you go through it indirectly affects your body .

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Lack regular sleep

Having irregular sleep pattern can cause chronic diseases. Especially people who sleep less than the normal sleep timings are very much prone to all kinds of diseases.


Another factor which causes diabetes and of what people are not aware is “Hormones”. As you know that insulin itself is a hormone produced by the pancreas. This is the normal process but if the process is affected by other hormonal imbalances then there is a risk of diabetes and other chronic diseases.

What can we do about this?

There is nothing in this world that can affect your willpower to be healthy if you have full commitment towards it. And there is only person who can bring a change in your life and that is you.

8 daily routines to be followed to reduce diabetes

There are 8 routines suggested by the best ayurvedic doctor in Singapore. You can follow these routines in a regular basis to make sure you have your sugar levels in control. These 8 routine are as follows:

  • Avoid unhealthy food habits

Junk food are what most of the people especially youngsters are addicted to even if they know the adversities of their excess addiction.Try to stay away from junk foods. Because the lesser the junk food the more healthy you stay. This way the unnecessary fat won’t be deposited in your body and this in turn can control chronic diseases.

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  • Keep moving and working out

Sedentary lifestyle is one of the major reasons for diabetes. So don’t stay put to one place. Try moving for at least 15 minutes in between your tight work and doing daily workouts in the morning. You can also opt for regular swimming classes. This way you can stay fit and healthy for long and away from chronic diseases.

  • Stay hydrated

Drinking water has many advantages to your body and one of them is reducing diabetes and other chronic diseases. Drink at least 8 litres of water daily. This will not only help in reducing your excess fat by flushing them out but also keep your body hydrated. You can also opt for alkaline ionized water as this can control diabetes to a huge extent by maintaining the body PH level.

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  • Balanced diet

Most of the Medical practitioners suggest that just having food is not enough for being healthy. Balanced diet is what you need to stay healthy and control such chronic diseases. Include sufficient amount of carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins and mineral in a balanced manner like having brown rice, whole wheat for breakfast, fruits and vegetables for snacks and oatmeal for dinner.

  • Control stress

As we know that stress cannot be avoided especially for working people but Stress can be controlled if we work toward it. Try doing meditation, yoga for calming down your mind after getting back to home after a strenuous work schedule. Also consulting a therapist is a good way to control stress. Letting your heart out to someone also helps you to stay calm.

  • Get healthy sleep

Many people are not aware about the fact that there is something known as proper and healthy sleep patterns. A normal adult according to the best Ayurvedic clinic in singapore should get 8 hours of maximum sleep and that too an undisturbed one. Improper sleep pattern will have to face the adverse effects to him/her.

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  • Have regular weight check

For people who are obese there is high chance of diabetes. Most people don’t have time to check their weights and when the increase in weight is uncontrollable then they realize that there is risk of diabetes. So ensure that you have your weight checked at least twice a week and also there is a healthy variation in your weight. Also make sure that you have proper nutritious food and follow necessary workout regimes under the supervision of a professional.

  • Regular checkups

Last but not the least getting your health checked once in a while is very important to ensure your body is where you want it to be. An Ayurvedic physician always advices his/her patient especially having chronic diseases to do check ups on monthly basis to make sure that the sugar levels and other criterias of the patient are under control and there is no place for any negligence.

Hence by being aware of the above mentioned factors and also by following the 8 regular healthy routines, diabetes can be under control. Ayurvedic health care specialists commonly insist that early precautionary measures and proper incorporation of the above mentioned daily routines helps in controlling diabetes and avoid sheer negligence of your health.

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