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Restore the life of your eyes

Ayurvedic therapy is known for healing intricate health conditions In today’s world, our eyes are mostly exposed to computer and mobile screens. The blue light emitted from the screens is harmful to the eyes if viewed for continuous hours. Although there are screen filter applications that mask the blue light, it’s only partially.

But still, the issue persists, so what type of medication would you prefer?

Something really safe and highly effective, right?

If you are looking for something like that, then there is an effective medical treatment in the world of Ayurveda. It is called Nethra Tharpanam.

What is Netra tharpanam?

In simple words, it is an ancient ayurvedic therapy for the eyes. It is derived from the words “nethra” which means eyes and “tharpana” which means rehydration. This procedure is typically done for rejuvenating the eyes by eliminating dryness, irritation, puffiness, and much more.

This treatment is highly effective for people who spend a major time staring at computer screens as part of their work schedule. So, what makes Netra tharpanam better than other types of medications? You must be wondering.

ayurvedic therapy

Well, the reasons are that this is a medicinal treatment of Ayurveda which is regarded as one of the oldest systems of medicine in the world and originated around 5000 years ago in India. Like other types of medication, there are no apparent side effects for ayurvedic practices unless, if it’s not done properly.

This is why it is recommended to get the treatment done at professional ayurvedic clinics by a licensed ayurvedic practitioner. This is very much important as they know the right body type of the person and the severity of their ailments which helps them correctly do the procedure.

How is it done

The procedure initially begins with the person lying down with their head facing upwards. After that abhyangam is done which is massaging the head, face, and eyes. This is done to make a person’s body relaxed and calm. After the ayurvedic massage is done, the next step involves constructing a circular frame over the eyes.

This is made using either black gram paste or wheat flour. After placing the frame over the eyes that, warm ghee combined with natural medicinal herbs is poured all over the eyes. The eyes must be closed at the time of pouring the mixture.

After the ghee is poured, the eyes are then allowed to open slowly and closed intermittently. This allows the medicinal mixture to get soaked into the eyes. The duration of the procedure is about 15-25 minutes. Depending upon the severity of the issue, the procedure can extend to more than 5 days.

ayurvedic therapy

Since the herbal ghee concoction is soaked by the eyes, it helps to improve the inner vision by cleaning the smallest channels that are associated with providing both inner and outer perception. Nethra tharpanam process helps in correcting various eye issues such as cataracts, glaucoma, and conjunctivitis in the early stages.

After the treatment is done, the patient is advised to not view bright lights. The treatment is done usually in the evening after sunset as it is considered the ideal time for doing the treatment.

Why should you get it done

As mentioned above, the procedure is mainly intended for people suffering from various eye problems such as dryness, burning sensation, irritation, optic nerve issues, etc that arise from continuous staring at computer screens for long times. Nethra tharpanam is natural pain relief for all these issues.

The treatment cools and rejuvenates the marmas (vital points) in the eyes from stress and pollution. Another highlight of this treatment is that this can be done as a preventive treatment. If you are a healthy individual, you can opt for this procedure so that you can minimize the chances of an eye issue in the future.

The right place 

 A known ayurvedic clinic is the right spot for improving your health condition. There are many well-known ayurvedic clinics in Singapore where highly trained ayurvedic practitioners provide nethra tharpanam procedures with utmost care and commitment.

Ayurlife is one such reputed clinic where we provide this treatment and also other types of ayurvedic treatments such as Shirodhara, nasyam, podikizhi, and much more. All our services are done by highly trained and qualified ayurvedic doctors and therapists. At Ayurlife, we have a variety of soothing packages. You can feel and experience the traditions of authentic Ayurveda. With our professionals, always stay healthy and live healthily.

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