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Melt your body fat and shed weight with Udvarthanam

Obesity is one of the most life-threatening issues that has been increasing steadily over the years. Now that most of the people are stuck at home or working from home, we must spend around 8 hrs in front of a computer screen. Although this routine won’t be changed until the pandemic gets over, what we can do is keep our body healthy by opting for Ayurveda.

The reasons for obesity are several that includes lack of exercise, consuming large quantities of food containing salts, carbohydrates, sugars etc. Due to this, being obese makes you more prone to get affected with heart-related issues, difficulties in walking and more. As the people are very well aware of the problems that it will cause in the long run, they are now switching to weight loss programs to stay healthy.

Weightloss Treatment

However, that is where many of the guys struggle. Some may enroll in gyms in the hope of getting fit, some may opt for surgeries while other’s might hire a trainer or maintain a balanced diet. Not all become successful in their way and it ends in quitting the program. However, in Ayurveda, there is an effective treatment targeted towards weight loss.

Ayurveda & weight loss

As mentioned above, if you are one of those guys struggling with weight loss, then you can try out the ayurvedic weight loss program known as udvarthanam. This is a deep tissue massage that involves rubbing of herbal powders and oil across the body. What makes it different from traditional massaging is that the procedure i.e rubbing is done in a direction that is opposite to the direction in which the body hair grows.

Also, the massaging is done in an upward direction starting from the lower body hence the name of the procedure. This procedure helps in effectively melting off the unwanted body fat through heat which is generated by the rubbing of the oils and herbs on the body. This in turn helps maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

ayurvedic treatment for reducing weight

Due to the popularity of this treatment, several people opt for it as part of their weight loss regimen. You can avail the best udvarthanam treatment from Ayurlife. We will tell you why in the end.

How to effectively lose weight

Alright, you may think that getting udvarthanam from a reputed clinic will magically reduce weight and get a well-chiselled body like those celebrities. Well, this is not how it works. The principle of Ayurveda is not to have the body of a Greek god or an Olympic athlete. It all about being healthy both physically and mentally. Even though udvarthanam helps shed weight, an appropriate diet must also be taken. This involves cutting down on unnecessary food items containing excess sugar, salts, etc. If you are not sure about what type of diet to follow, you can consult a good ayurvedic practitioner who will find out the right food diet based on your body type. Wait, body type? You can know more about it by checking ​ here​ . Also, to get the best results, it is wise to opt for udvarthanam procedure on a periodic basis. Now that you must have understood why getting an udvarthanam is helpful for weight loss, the next step is to choose the right place for the treatment.

Choosing Ayurlife

Ayurlife has years of professional experience in performing different types of ayurvedic procedures that have helped us cure people’s ailments and provide a healthy body and mind. We are one of the reputed clinics in Singapore that aims to deliver the best health care treatment through ayurvedic traditions. Our services apart from udvarthanam include Abhyangam, Shirodhara, Takradhara, Nethratharpanam, Physio-veda and more.

Ayurvedic Treatment

Our clinic houses the best ayurvedic doctors and qualified practioners who makes sure that our customers get the best ayurvedic treatment based on their body type and health conditions. Due to this, many well-known personalities have availed our services for improving their quality of life. If you are struggling with weight loss, then all you have to do is switch towards to ayurvedic practices by opting for our udvathanam treatment soon. You can check out our blog and websites for more information on our services.

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  1. Rachel Chen

    Hi there, Can I inquire the for the weight loss per session or do we have to sign on a package.

    1. lakshmijnr

      We have both per session and package. However, the therapy is prescribed only after doctor consultation. It is up to the customer to decide to take up the package or single sessions. Generally, therapies for fat burning etc. requires multiple sessions, in such a scenario customer could save extra on packages.

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