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Busting some Ayurvedic myths

There’s no doubt that Ayurvedic treatments are one of the world’s oldest forms of medicine. Even though started in the Indian subcontinent, ayurvedic practices are followed worldwide. It has a lot of benefits in terms of promoting long term health and immunity. Even though Ayurveda has its perks, some myths still revolve around it. Being a well-known ayurvedic clinic Singapore, we aim to debunk such myths so that you understand Ayurveda and its practices clearly.

Rise of the myths

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The thing about these so-called myths is that most of them won’t have any scientific proof or validation. Most of them are arisen from certain sayings by people. Since most people don’t go into validating these claims, they assume them to be true which hinders them from experiencing an authentic ayurvedic session. Being a reputed ayurvedic clinic Singapore, we decided to clear some myths so that people will start looking at Ayurveda and its treatments from a different perspective. 

Debunking the myths

Alright, without much introduction, let us see what are all the types of myths exist in Ayurveda. By the end of this blog, some of your doubts will be cleared.

Ayurvedic treatments are slow

One of the most common myths heard in Ayurveda is that the treatments take a long time to act and heal. Unlike western type medicines that heal within days, ayurvedic treatments are not like that. They work to address not only your symptoms but also the root cause of your problem. So, when you opt for ayurvedic treatment, your body is being treated as a whole and don’t expect instant results.

Treatment is limited

No, Ayurveda is not limited to a handful of diseases. Ayurveda has the potential to treat and heal a variety of illnesses ranging from the common cold to more chronic conditions like arthritis. Like how there is information for modern medicine, Ayurvedic treatments consists of several texts that detail several areas of specialities.

It is a mixture of herbs

This is not entirely true. The treatments provided at several ayurveda hospitals in Singapore involve the use of herbs but along with those other ingredients such as rock salts, floral elements, resins, milk, honey etc are also used. The treatments may vary depending on the person’s body type, age, existing health conditions.

Completely based on spirituality

Although Ayurveda has its roots in the Vedas, Ayurvedic treatments are not based on spirituality and there is no reference to religion mentioned in the texts. Like modern medicines, Ayurveda is a science of medicine that deals with treating the human body as a whole physically and mentally. What’s more interesting is that many of modern medicine has been derived from Ayurvedic traditions. Now you can understand why several people prefer the best ayurvedic treatment in Singapore for improving their quality of life.

Ayurveda is harmless

Ask any person about their decision to choose Ayurvedic, what would be the first thing they say? it is safe and natural. Yes, it is true if the procedures are done by reputed ayurvedic doctors at a reputed medical clinic Singapore.

Due to being safe, many people might try out their own set of treatments based on Ayurveda. The result? Serious consequences. Being a Kerala ayurvedic centre, we strictly advise against this practice. All types of medication, whether ayurvedic or not, have their side effects if the dosage is incorrect and taken without proper consultation.

Clearing the misconception

Due to these so-called myths, this results in many people believing them to be true without knowing the right facts. Situations like these will make people doubt or refrain from opting for Ayurvedic treatments in the future. However, what we want to say is to avoid believing such false claims and always consult the best ayurveda hospitals in singapore like Ayurlife for clearing all your doubts about any treatments or services.

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