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How Nasyam Helps You Breathe Easily 

Can’t breathe properly due to frequent nasal problems?

You tried all the procedures but none of them solves your issues, right?

Well, you haven’t completely tried everything. Today, Ayurlife explains about an effective ayurvedic treatment for all your head and nose related issues, which is Nasya.

What is it?

Nasya is an ayurvedic treatment that involves the instilling of herbal oils & substances into the nose via nostrils. It is one of the five ayurvedic treatments that deal with cleansing the body of toxins. ayurvedic treatment

The word Nasya means ‘through the nasal route’. Nasya treatment clears sinus congestion removes toxins from the head & neck region. Nasya is one of the most important holistic treatments that promote internal detoxification.  

Oils for Different Doshas

The common type of Nasya oil is herbal infused oil that is both nurturing and nourishing. Other than the herbal oil, other types of oils, ghee, etc are also used for the treatment. However, the ingredients for Nasya treatment are different for each body type.

According to Ayurveda, a person’s body type is a unique mixture of the elements or doshas. These are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Thus, when doing Nasya treatment, the oils are different for each body type. The following shows the recommended oil formulas for each dosha type.

Vata Dosha: Ghee, Sesame oil or Vacha (calamus) oil

Pitta Dosha: Brahmi ghee, sunflower or coconut oil

Kapha Dosha: Vacha oil

Timing is everything

Like different oils for each dosha, there are specific timings at for the procedure. For people with Vata imbalances, the preferred treatment time is in the evening.

People having pitta imbalance, the right time for them is at noon. For Kapha imbalances, the right time for treatment is in the morning. If you are unsure about your body type, consult with an ayurvedic doctor to determine the right body type.

Different types

Based on the person’s body type such as Vata, Pitta and Kapha, the appropriate type of Nasya treatment. When giving the treatment, it must be correctly given for the right body type. The following are the types of Nasya treatment.

Shodhana Nasya(Cleansing Nasya)

This type of Nasya is for people suffering from Kapha related issues. This includes headaches, nasal congestion, skin disease, itching, loss of taste, epilepsy, etc.

The main oil ingredients for this type of Nasya treatment consists of ghee or oil. The oil is then processed with appropriate herbs in the form of a paste or as a decoction that’s mixed with honey, salt, and fermented infusion.

Since Shodana Nasya removes imbalanced Kapha excess from the head and the body, it is thus considered a detoxifying procedure.

Snehana Nasya(Nutritional Nasya)

This Nasya treatment is ideal for people suffering from Vata issues. This include migraine, loss of sleep, dryness of the nose & mouth, frozen shoulder, etc.

The ingredients for the Nasya oil are oil or meat juice. The oil is then mixed with plant extract resins such as camphor or gum. 

Shamana Nasya(Sedative Nasya)

This type of Nasya treatment is for people with pitta issues. This includes wrinkles, hair loss, redness of the eyes, discoloured patches on the skin etc.

The type of Nasya utilizes milk, meat juice or water as the main ingredients. When compared with the other Nasya treatments, this treatment nourishes the nervous system. 

The list of procedures

If you have thought that Nasya is a single treatment of instilling the herbal oils, then you are wrong. It involves three stages of treatment which are:

  • Purvakarma (Pre-measures)
  • Pradhanakarma (Main procedure)
  • Panchakarma (Post-measures)

In the Purva karma stage, the Ayurvedic practitioner chooses the patient & performs diagnosis. The next process involves selecting the right oil for Nasya treatment.

Choosing oil depends on the person’s body type & current health condition. Before the main procedure, the patient gets a herbal oil massage. The next process involves the application of steam to face, forehead, head, ears, and neck.

In the pradhan karma stage, the patient lies down in a supine position. After that, the ayurvedic practitioner covers the eyes with a clean cotton cloth. The practitioner raises the client’s tip of the nose with the left thumb & drops the herbal mixture into both nostrils using the right hands.

After administering Nasya, a licensed massage therapist gives a mild massage on the palms, soles, shoulders, neck, and ears. The patient sits upright & spits out the medicine entered via the oral cavity through the nose.

In the Paschatkarma stage, the patient gargles the mouth with warm water. This is to remove the smell of the herbal oil.  After that, the patient inhales medicated smoke. It should be ensured that no portion of the medicated oil gets left behind in the mouth.

Who should not do

Ayurvedic Treatment

If you are suffering from fever, acute indigestion or stress issues, etc must not do the procedure. If you had heavy meals, it is better to do the procedure. Make sure that you have followed a lite diet.

If you have decided to get the Nasyam treatment, it’s great for improving your health. Get it done by qualified ayurvedic practitioners at Ayurlife, the best ayurvedic clinic in Singapore.

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Balancing Pitta Dosha

What if someone asked you a question for example,” What is body type; Vata, Pitta or Kapha?”. Most of us will be in doubt, right?

These three components or elements mentioned above determine every person’s health. They are one of the key concepts associated with Ayurveda. It is important to know about your body type. But if you didn’t know that, then we will explain it in this blog. If you thought that Ayurveda is some random mix of natural herbal remedies, it’s much more than that. Ayurveda is one of the oldest systems of medicine in the world. Natural Herbal Remedies

The word Ayurveda derives from the Sanskrit language, which means life and longevity. The concept of Ayurveda is simple, which is to bring the mind, body, and spirit into balance by utilizing holistic daily practices, diet, and other natural approaches.

What are the doshas

Before diving into pitta and its concepts, you must know the concepts of “doshas” or the elements in Ayurveda & how it is important for your existence. As per Ayurveda, a dosha is one of the three main substances that are present in the human body. They are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. To understand about the doshas better, let’s break down some facts. According to Ayurveda, all the elements of the universe are:

  • Ether (space)

  • Air

  • Fire

  • Water

  • Earth

As per Ayurveda, every living person’s body is a composition of a unique mix of these three doshas. These individual doshas are a combination of two or more elements which are:

  • Vata (ether + air)

  • Pitta (fire + water)

  • Kapha (water + earth)

When all the three doshas are in perfect balance, our body is healthy. Our body is a mix of all the three doshas, however,  one of them will be the dominant one. This dominant dosha is called the primary dosha. As per Ayurveda, an imbalance in the doshas affects our health and in turn, results in various ailments.

So, you have gotten a brief idea about doshas and their composition. In this blog, we will explain about pitta dosha & the effects caused by its imbalance in detail. If you’re unsure about your body type, consulting with an ayurvedic doctor will help you determine the right body type.


As mentioned above, the pitta dosha consists of fire and water elements. To understand it better, it is essential to know the physical and psychological characteristics of people with this body type. Pitta symbolizes metabolism. It controls digestion, metabolism, and energy production. The elements on which the doshas are composed of are usually reflected in the person’s body type.

Since fire and water constitute pitta dosha, those people having this body type has a fiery nature. This becomes evident in their body and mind. Alright, let us explain the characteristics of a pitta body type. Consider yourselves lucky if you find these features matching your personality.

Physical characteristics

  • Medium build & muscular

  • Medium weight

  • Warm body temperature

  • Baldness or thinning hair

  • Strong Sex drive

  • Strong digestion

Psychological characteristics

  • Powerful intellect

  • Strong ability to concentrate

  • Sharp-witted

  • Competitive

Signs of Pitta imbalance

natural herbal remedies

A person having a pitta imbalance experiences the following symptoms. If you have been experiencing similar issues for quite a while, you now know they are caused as a result of pitta imbalance. However, these can be symptoms of something else. Let us see what these symptoms are:

  • Anger

  • Jealousy

  • Inflammation

  • Excessive body heat

  • Burning sensation

  • Migraines

  • Rashes

  • Bruising

  • Bleeding disorders

  • Sharp hunger

Without the right ayurvedic medicine, these symptoms will worsen and over time your health gets affected badly. Consulting the right ayurvedic medicine practitioner in addition to choosing the right food types, exercise can solve most of your dosha problems easily. Above all, it helps you stay healthy & live a longer life.

Pitta types

The pitta doshas are classified into five types which are located in different areas of the human body. Let us see what they are:

  • Pachaka Pitta – This handles the digestion of food which breaks down into nutrients and waste. It is located in the lower stomach and small intestine.

  • Ranjaka Pitta – Located in the liver, gallbladder, and spleen, this handles the formation of red blood cells.

  • Alochaka Pitta – Maintains visual perception which is primarily located in the eyes.

  • Sadhaka Pitta- This particular dosha variant is located in the heart and is responsible for maintaining emotions such as contentment, memory, intelligence, etc.

  • Bharajaka Pitta – It is located in the skin that handles complexion, temperature & skin pigmentation.

How to Keep Pitta Balanced

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The key point to balance pitta dosha is opting for a diet that acts as a countermeasure for the pitta body type. In other words, prefer food items that are cool and sweet. By doing activities that cool your body, you can balance the dosha.

Below are some of the activities that are effective for balancing excess pitta.

  • Get enough rest every day. With our busy work schedules, we often get stressed a lot. As a result, our health becomes affected and will cause further problems if left unchecked. Therefore, if you want to balance your pitta dosha, always make sure to avoid stressful activities. In other words, get some rest.

  • Prefer food items that are sweet, bitter, and astringent. Some of these food items include cucumbers, sweet fruits, and melons. On the other hand, it is wise to avoid spicy foods.

  • Get a massage with cool oils. The best oils for pitta types are olive, sunflower, and coconut. However, it is better to avoid almond oils & sesame oils. Getting ayurvedic massages from the best ayurvedic clinic in Singapore will help you.

  • Take brisk walks with someone you care about. This can be your spouse, friend, or parent. There are two benefits to this activity. First, it helps to balance your pitta dosha, and second, it helps form emotional bonding as you walk with someone you love.

In conclusion, visiting Ayurlife, the best ayurvedic medical clinic in Singapore & consulting a practitioner, you can know more about your body. If you are ready for living out a healthy life, get started right now and find the secrets of your body type.


Benefits of Udhvarthanam

Did you know the ayurvedic treatment for reducing weight?  

          The ayurvedic treatment for reducing weight has a long tradition rooting to ancient history. The daily routine is always packed with hectic schedules and we ourselves are busy with chores and duties. where is time to pay heed to health? This is the course of our life. Majority of the population suffers from obesity and overweight. There are different reasons including unhealthy eating habits and love for fatty foods.  Some of them are not aware of the health problems as well as cosmetic problems caused due to obesity. At Ayurlife, we have an expert team to help you control weight and excess fat from the body.

  Choose the best Ayurvedic doctor  

 Udwarthanam treatment is always guided by one of the best ayurvedic doctor’s presence. Ayurveda is an ancient healing system originated and developed in India rooted 3,000 years ago and made its place. The Sanskrit word Ayurveda is originated from the words ‘ayuh’ meaning longevity. The latter Veda meaning science or sacred knowledge in Sanskrit. It mainly focuses on the holistic well being of humans. It encompasses the philosophical, emotional layers of human life. It advocates a way of life incorporating the natural world to lead a healthy, happy life. The goals of Ayurveda are mainly two; the first is to maintain balanced health and the latter is the treatment of diseases.  This blog briefly discusses the Udwarthanam treatment in Ayurveda and how it reduces weight loss.

ayurvedic treatment for reducing weight

Obesity and Overweight

World health organization defines obesity as “ excessive fat accumulation that presents a risk to health. Overweight and obesity are major risk factors for a number of chronic diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Once considered a problem only in high-income countries, overweight and obesity are now dramatically on the rise in low- and middle-income countries, particularly in urban settings” 

The major cause of the following diseases is obesity or overweight.

  • A major cause of type 2 diabetes
  • Hypertension 
  • Heart Disease
  • Respiratory Disorders
  • Cerebrovascular Diseases

Restorative Massage –  Udwarthanam

Udwarthanam is one of the ancient healing system rooted in Ayurveda for weight loss or excess weight. It is performed by an experienced ayurvedic therapist. It is a massage involves herbal powders and oils. It is deep-rooted and the outcome is always evident. It is a panchakarma therapy involving full body massage in an upward direction. Panchakarma and weight loss are interrelated. The pressure is applied in different postures using powders. Experienced therapists rub herbal powders and oil into the body. As a result, body fat breaks down under pressure. Hot oil and rubbing melt body fat and its beneficial in many ways. The massage lasts for 15 to 45 minutes and afterwards half an hour rest is assured. It is generally called as Ayurvedic body scrub using lepam. Undergoing this will be beneficial for obese people. If you are facing obesity, it will be beneficial for undergoing Udwarthanam massage. Ayurlife Ayurvedic, one of the pioneers in Udwarthanam massage is happy to lend you hands in this venture. 

ayurvedic treatment for reducing weightBenefits 

Full body massage itself helps to rectify many skin problems. It assists in reducing many skin diseases as well as other diseases such as indigestion, sclerosis of blood vessels and diabetic neuropathy. The massage involves hot oil and herbal powder, which melts excessive muscle fat. Besides, massaging your body improves blood circulation and it, in turn, controls blood pressure. There are some dead cells in our skin. These cells can be rejuvenated using massage. It will reduce skin odour and can give a good tone to your skin. Thus, reactivating the sense of touch. You can also enjoy balanced metabolism. It also helps in removing Kapha dosha from the body. These are some of the benefits of this treatment. The result will have variation according to different bodies. We have three types of dosha.

In some diseases, incorporating Udwarthanam may bring better results.

Motor neuron disorders

Parkinson’s disease

Muscular dystrophy

Multiple sclerosis

Hemiplegia, cerebral palsy


Rheumatoid arthritis

Obesity, diabetes Very effective in Atisthoulya (Obesity), weight reduction, Srothorodhas (closures/constriction of the vital body channels) and Oedema due to improper blood supply (hypothyroidism and anaemia).

Likewise, at certain conditions, it is not advisable such as

 Wounds, bruised body, burns

Psoriasis, eczema


Children under the age of 10

Ayurvedic Healthcare

We here at Ayurlife, being one of the prominent ayurvedic healthcare guides you to get control of your weight and lose excess fat. We all like to lead a healthy, happy life. A balanced diet and regular exercise will help us to become fit. Using Udwarthanam therapy, you can be relaxed, fit and positive. A healthy life is the best wealth we can ever possess.

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Restore the life of your eyes

At Ayurvedic therapy is known for healing intricate health conditions In today’s world, our eyes are mostly exposed to computer and mobile screens. The blue light emitted from the screens is harmful to the eyes if viewed for continuous hours. Although there are screen filter applications that mask the blue light, it’s only partial.

But still the issue persists, so what type of medication would you prefer?

Something really safe and highly effective, right?

If you are looking for something like that, then there is an effective medical treatment in the world of Ayurveda. It is called Nethra Tharpanam.

What is Netra tharpanam?

In simple words, it is an ancient ayurvedic therapy for the eyes. It is derived from the words “nethra” that means eyes and “tharpana” which means rehydration. This procedure is typically done for rejuvenating the eyes by eliminating dryness, irritation, puffiness and much more.

This treatment is highly effective for people who spend a major time staring at computer screens as part of their work schedule. So, what makes Netra tharpanam better than other types of medications? You must be wondering.

ayurvedic therapy

Well, the reasons are that this is a medicinal treatment of Ayurveda which is regarded as one of the oldest systems of medicine in the world originated around 5000 years ago in India. Like other types of medication, there are no apparent side effects for ayurvedic practices unless, if it’s not done properly.

This is why it is recommended to get the treatment done at professional ayurvedic clinics by a licensed ayurvedic practitioner. This is very much important as they know the right body type of the person and the severity of their ailments which helps them correctly do the procedure.

How is it done

The procedure initially begins with the person lying down with their head facing upwards. After that abhyangam is done which is massaging the head, face, and eyes. This is done to make a person’s body relaxed and calm. After the ayurvedic massage is done, the next step involves constructing a circular frame over the eyes.

This is made using either black gram paste or wheat flour. After placing the frame over the eyes that, warm ghee combined with natural medicinal herbs is poured all over the eyes. The eyes must be closed at the time of pouring the mixture.

After the ghee is poured, the eyes are then allowed to open slowly and closed intermittently. This allows the medicinal mixture to get soaked into the eyes. The duration of the procedure is about 15-25 minutes. Depending upon the severity of the issue, the procedure can extend to more than 5 days.

ayurvedic therapy

Since the herbal ghee concoction is soaked by the eyes, it helps to improve the inner vision by cleaning the smallest channels that are associated with providing both inner and outer perception. Nethra tharpanam process helps in correcting various eye issues such as cataracts, glaucoma, and conjunctivitis in the early stages.

After the treatment is done, the patient is advised to not view bright lights. The treatment is done usually in the evening after sunset as it is considered the ideal time for doing the treatment.

Why should you get it done

As mentioned above, the procedure is mainly intended for people suffering from various eye problems such as dryness, burning sensation, irritation, optic nerve issues, etc that arise from continuous staring at computer screens for long times. Nethra tharpanam is natural pain relief from all these issues.

The treatment cools and rejuvenates the marmas (vital points) in the eyes from stress and pollution. Another highlight of this treatment is that this can be done as a preventive treatment. If you are a healthy individual, you can opt for this procedure so that you can minimize the chances of an eye issue in the future.

The right place 

 A known ayurvedic clinic is the right spot for improving your health condition. There are many well known ayurvedic clinics in Singapore were highly trained ayurvedic practitioners provide nethra tharpanam procedures with utmost care and commitment.

Ayurlife is one such reputed clinic where we provide this treatment and also other types of ayurvedic treatments such as Shirodhara, nasyam, podikizhi and much more. All our services are done by highly trained and qualified ayurvedic doctors and therapists. At Ayurlife, we have a variety of soothing packages. You can feel and experience the traditions of authentic Ayurveda.With our professionals, always stay healthy and live healthily.

knee pain

Ways to ease knee pain with Ayurveda

Find out how can you alleviate knee pain naturally 

“The first wealth is health” as the saying goes,  the importance of health is always beyond words. Do you recall any day you could not walk and felt stiffed? Yes. we all have undergone some sort of knee pain at any time in our busy life. 

natural healing for joint pain.

Knee pain and related diseases are now a major concern of today’s society. The disease has an incrementing effect on different age groups rather than old age. Knee pain can be of diverse reasons and symptoms may have slight changes due to its different reasons. Knee pain is a common illness, usually effected by old people like our parents and grandparents. Nowadays, the trend is going in the opposite direction as young people are also undergoing knee pain in their daily life. People are tired and troubled with aching and cracking knees.

 Ayurveda has good news! It has its own proven unique techniques to soothe aching knees. Ayurveda,  the ancient healing system evolved out of centuries and has a bright tradition in healing dreadful knee pains. At Ayurlife, we focus on relief from natural healing for joint pain.

There are various reasons for painful knees:

  • Injuries 

  • Reduction of  cartilage

  • Broken ligament

Acute knee pain can be chronic if it is not properly treated. Generally, it has got many symptoms. The intricacy and severity depend on the individual’s condition. Many people suggest physiotherapy for knee pain. This actually helps the person reduces his or her pain on knees. 

When you are affected with joint pains or injuries, you may have felt intense pain surrounding knees. If you are suffering from arthritis,  you may have experienced great pain, especially involving in any activity such as sports, cycling or climbing a staircase. Brisk walking seems to be a long dream as swelling and stiffness become a daily routine. Moreover, some feel redness on knees and instability when walking. Stretching legs are not a piece of cake to accomplish as stiffness haunts your knee. These are the prime symptoms often accompanied by the knee joint.

physiotherapy for knee pain

Certain conditions like Excess body weight, injuries, hip or foot pain and weak muscles can cause knee pain. Perhaps, accelerate it. 

Most of the cases, knee pain is not a villain. It immediately responds to our home remedies and massage. But, things are not always as simple as we take them. Immediate care is vital as it helps in faster restoration. An experienced medical practitioner can help you to overcome this situation.

Generally, there are two common medical conditions related to knee pain.

  1. Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis, also known as the degenerative joint disease commonly affected by old people. It can affect one or multiple joints. Here, thigh bone becomes thinner due to inflammation. This can be terrible if you have heavyweight or ascending stairs.  Swelling and stiffness are the major symptoms. These symptoms are terrible when waking up in the morning. Loss of normal cartilage tissue due to wear and tear is the main reason behind this arthritis. Subsequently, this is common in old age people. 

  1. Chondromalacia Patella

Chondromalacia Patella is also known as runner’s disease as it is often seen in adolescent and young adults who constantly engaged in sports or persons in certain occupations. As their activities cause great stress for knee joints and lead to chondromalacia. Excessive use of knees causes improper alignment of ligaments, cracking sensations and other symptoms. People who have chondromalacia experiences great pain when they climb the staircase and sometimes pain can be felt descending steps.  

Ayurvedic is a proven science help us and focuses on holistic well being of humans. It offers the ultimate solution for knee pain. Getting the right care is very important. Ayurvedic health care is possible with the help of experienced doctors as well as ayurvedic therapists. Ayurveda offers pizhichil, ayurvedic therapy for chronic knee pain.

Abhyangam + Pizhichil 

best ayurvedic clinics

Ayurveda, pizhichil is highly beneficial for knee pain along with other medical conditions Hemiplegia and other paralyses. It involves the application of medicated oil massage on the body. It is the squeezing of warm herbal oil from a piece of cloth that is frequently soaked in a container or vessel brimming oil. and It protects the body from illnesses and boosts immunity. The benefits of undergoing pizhichil with Abhyngam are numerous.  

Benefits of  Pizhichil

  • Alleviating arthritis

  • Reducing excessive knee pain

  • Improves cracking knees

  • Prevents degenerative problems

  • Overcoming paralysis

  • Treating rheumatic diseases

Arthritis and runner’s knee and all kinds of knee pain can be cured completely or lessen the severity of the individual’s condition relying on ayurvedic solutions. At Ayurlife, being one of the best ayurvedic clinics are happy to assist you in your endeavour to reduce knee pain and to retain brisk walking.