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Balancing Pitta Dosha

What if someone asked you a question for example,” What is body type; Vata, Pitta or Kapha?”. Most of us will be in doubt, right?

These three components or elements mentioned above determine every person’s health. They are one of the key concepts associated with Ayurveda. It is important to know about your body type. But if you didn’t know that, then we will explain it in this blog. If you thought that Ayurveda is some random mix of natural herbal remedies, it’s much more than that. Ayurveda is one of the oldest systems of medicine in the world. Natural Herbal Remedies

The word Ayurveda derives from the Sanskrit language, which means life and longevity. The concept of Ayurveda is simple, which is to bring the mind, body, and spirit into balance by utilizing holistic daily practices, diet, and other natural approaches.

What are the doshas

Before diving into pitta and its concepts, you must know the concepts of “doshas” or the elements in Ayurveda & how it is important for your existence. As per Ayurveda, a dosha is one of the three main substances that are present in the human body. They are Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. To understand about the doshas better, let’s break down some facts. According to Ayurveda, all the elements of the universe are:

  • Ether (space)

  • Air

  • Fire

  • Water

  • Earth

As per Ayurveda, every living person’s body is a composition of a unique mix of these three doshas. These individual doshas are a combination of two or more elements which are:

  • Vata (ether + air)

  • Pitta (fire + water)

  • Kapha (water + earth)

When all the three doshas are in perfect balance, our body is healthy. Our body is a mix of all the three doshas, however,  one of them will be the dominant one. This dominant dosha is called the primary dosha. As per Ayurveda, an imbalance in the doshas affects our health and in turn, results in various ailments.

So, you have gotten a brief idea about doshas and their composition. In this blog, we will explain about pitta dosha & the effects caused by its imbalance in detail. If you’re unsure about your body type, consulting with an ayurvedic doctor will help you determine the right body type.


As mentioned above, the pitta dosha consists of fire and water elements. To understand it better, it is essential to know the physical and psychological characteristics of people with this body type. Pitta symbolizes metabolism. It controls digestion, metabolism, and energy production. The elements on which the doshas are composed of are usually reflected in the person’s body type.

Since fire and water constitute pitta dosha, those people having this body type has a fiery nature. This becomes evident in their body and mind. Alright, let us explain the characteristics of a pitta body type. Consider yourselves lucky if you find these features matching your personality.

Physical characteristics

  • Medium build & muscular

  • Medium weight

  • Warm body temperature

  • Baldness or thinning hair

  • Strong Sex drive

  • Strong digestion

Psychological characteristics

  • Powerful intellect

  • Strong ability to concentrate

  • Sharp-witted

  • Competitive

Signs of Pitta imbalance

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A person having a pitta imbalance experiences the following symptoms. If you have been experiencing similar issues for quite a while, you now know they are caused as a result of pitta imbalance. However, these can be symptoms of something else. Let us see what these symptoms are:

  • Anger

  • Jealousy

  • Inflammation

  • Excessive body heat

  • Burning sensation

  • Migraines

  • Rashes

  • Bruising

  • Bleeding disorders

  • Sharp hunger

Without the right ayurvedic medicine, these symptoms will worsen and over time your health gets affected badly. Consulting the right ayurvedic medicine practitioner in addition to choosing the right food types, exercise can solve most of your dosha problems easily. Above all, it helps you stay healthy & live a longer life.

Pitta types

The pitta doshas are classified into five types which are located in different areas of the human body. Let us see what they are:

  • Pachaka Pitta – This handles the digestion of food which breaks down into nutrients and waste. It is located in the lower stomach and small intestine.

  • Ranjaka Pitta – Located in the liver, gallbladder, and spleen, this handles the formation of red blood cells.

  • Alochaka Pitta – Maintains visual perception which is primarily located in the eyes.

  • Sadhaka Pitta- This particular dosha variant is located in the heart and is responsible for maintaining emotions such as contentment, memory, intelligence, etc.

  • Bharajaka Pitta – It is located in the skin that handles complexion, temperature & skin pigmentation.

How to Keep Pitta Balanced

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The key point to balance pitta dosha is opting for a diet that acts as a countermeasure for the pitta body type. In other words, prefer food items that are cool and sweet. By doing activities that cool your body, you can balance the dosha.

Below are some of the activities that are effective for balancing excess pitta.

  • Get enough rest every day. With our busy work schedules, we often get stressed a lot. As a result, our health becomes affected and will cause further problems if left unchecked. Therefore, if you want to balance your pitta dosha, always make sure to avoid stressful activities. In other words, get some rest.

  • Prefer food items that are sweet, bitter, and astringent. Some of these food items include cucumbers, sweet fruits, and melons. On the other hand, it is wise to avoid spicy foods.

  • Get a massage with cool oils. The best oils for pitta types are olive, sunflower, and coconut. However, it is better to avoid almond oils & sesame oils. Getting ayurvedic massages from the best ayurvedic clinic in Singapore will help you.

  • Take brisk walks with someone you care about. This can be your spouse, friend, or parent. There are two benefits to this activity. First, it helps to balance your pitta dosha, and second, it helps form emotional bonding as you walk with someone you love.

In conclusion, visiting Ayurlife, the best ayurvedic medical clinic in Singapore & consulting a practitioner, you can know more about your body. If you are ready for living out a healthy life, get started right now and find the secrets of your body type.

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Understanding Your Body Signals

Our body is a big complex system that does a variety of functions to keep us safe and stable from all types of diseases and medical conditions. But let me ask you one thing. Do you know your body completely? Seems like an awkward question, right?. Well, it isn’t.

At certain times, you may have wondered noticing certain symptoms but can’t figure out the reason behind it. These so-called symptoms are actually signs that your body is showing in response to an ailment. If the symptoms worsen, you may opt for medications only to find out the results ain’t improving. The reason for this is more likely not knowing about the body type and taking medication for the wrong symptoms. In this blog, we explain the various body types in Ayurveda.

The Body Types

In Ayurveda, our body is a unique combination of the three elements or doshas. Among them, one of them is the primary, being the most prominent, one secondary, and the third being the least prominent. As there are no English words described for these doshas, they are commonly known and addressed by their Sanskrit names which are Vata, Pitta & Kapha.

When all three of them are in perfect balance, the person will be in perfect order. If anyone of those is out of balance then the person has a disorder. If you are in doubt about your body type, then visiting Ayurlife ayurvedic, providing the best ayurvedic treatment in Singapore will help you find out easily.

The Characteristics

Alternatively, you can check it right here. If you find any of the following characteristics resonating with yours then you will get a basic idea about your body type. Let us see the characteristics associated with each dosha.Best Ayurvedic Treatment in Singapore


This dosha is composed of space & air and is primarily associated with movement. Various processes such as breathing, blinking, muscle and tissue movement, etc are governed by this dosha. People having a Vata body are excellent in creativity and flexibility. When Vata is out of balance, fear & anxiety are some of the common symptoms.


This dosha is composed of Fire and Water and is mainly associated with the body’s metabolic system. Processes such as digestion, absorption, nutrition, metabolism & body temperature. are governed by this dosha. People having Pitta body type tends to exhibit better understanding and intelligence. When pitta is out of balance, anger, jealousy & hatred are some symptoms.


This dosha is mainly composed of Earth and Water and is primarily associated with the body’s structure that includes bones, muscles & tendons. People with Kapha body type expresses love, calmness, and forgiveness. When it is out of balance, some of the symptoms are attachment, greed, and envy.

Opting Ayurvedic principles

Once you have understood your body type, the next step is finding out the right ayurvedic treatment for improving your health. By visiting a reputed ayurvedic clinic in Singapore, you can do it just fine. Since the ingredients used for treatments should be different for each body type, going with the wrong choice will lead to worse results.

There’s a common misconception that Ayurvedic treatments are just like the other health treatments. You have to know that Ayurveda is all about holistic healing and preventing the disorders from happening. By opting Ayurvedic practices, you learn and understand about your body type or doshas and how to keep them in balance. Depending on your body type, there are different types of ayurvedic treatments available at our clinic.

Choose Ayurlife

Now that you have an idea of your body type & characteristics, the next step is choosing the right place to get them done. Being a reputed clinic providing a variety of treatments & ayurvedic medicine Singapore that provides long relief from ailments for a long time.

To treat our customer needs, our team consists of qualified doctors, therapists & practitioners that deliver authentic ayurvedic treatments that improve your overall health. With Ayurlife’s well-known treatments, you are able to maintain your health and get complete immunity from all sorts of ailments. To know more about your body type and the associated ayurvedic procedures, then book your appointment with us by dropping us a call.

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Surprising Benefits Of Abhyangam

There’s nothing more pleasing than getting a warm ayurvedic massage therapy infused with essential oils. Abhyangam is one of the most important Ayurvedic procedures which is helpful for our body and mind. As our lives get busier with work and other priorities, most of us may not have to care for our bodies.  Did you know that simple ayurvedic massage sessions can help to relieve our worst nightmares & achieve a serene mind?

Do you know that abhyanga has several surprising benefits on your body?

Yes, it has several benefits on your mind & body. The interesting point about Abyangam is that you can do it yourself or get it done from a well-known ayurvedic health clinic in Singapore. However, it is better to go for the latter option as the procedure is done by qualified practitioners. All you have to do is lie down & enjoy the session peacefully.

We are on the go!

Why is it important

After all, it is a massage procedure and who doesn’t love one?. Performing Adhyanga periodically will help you maintain your health and it can also provide relief to all parts of the body. It helps get rid of stress and other ailments. Also, in Ayurveda, performing Abhyangam is the first process before the application of other procedures. Why?

It’s because getting an ayurvedic massage therapy makes your body prepared for the next procedure so that the respective treatment works easily. At Ayurlife Ayurvedic, we only begin our ayurvedic procedures with an abhyanga so as to promote better healing properties.

Abhyanga Procedure

As mentioned there are several ayurvedic clinics out there that offer abhyanga sessions. We provide treatments that help our customers get relief from different ailments. When you choose our abhyanga procedure, only qualified & experienced therapists will do the procedure on you. The first step is choosing a warm massage oil infused with ayurvedic herbs for applying on your entire body.

The next step is applying the oil lightly all over the body and wait for few minutes as the oil will be absorbed by your skin. After that massaging session takes place by applying even pressure with the whole hand. We take extreme care when applying pressure on sensitive areas such as the abdomen & heart. The nerve endings such as the soles of the feet, palms of the hands, etc are more concentrated as it promotes better results.

What are the benefits

On getting an abhyanga ayurvedic massage therapy on a regular basis, you are able to experience the following benefits.

Calms down the nerves

As Abhyangam involves massaging the nerve endings at light pressure, it soothes the nerves and makes you calm. As they are the most sensitive places in the body, massaging there helps you achieve peace and tranquillity

Helps to treat insomnia

If you are having trouble getting quality sleep, then getting an abhyanga helps you with that. The smell of warm aromatic oils, stimulation of the nerve endings, etc will help you get your long lost sleep within no time.

Increased stamina

Getting an abhyanga ayurvedic massage infused with herbal massage oils promotes an increase in metabolism, replenishes skin tone, revitalizes body cells thus improving energy and stamina throughout the day.

Detoxification & healthy weight management

Getting abhyanga helps remove toxins from the soft tissues in the body thereby increasing overall health. It also promotes healthy weight management in addition to being an effective daily detox.

Choose Ayurlife

Performing Abhyanga from a known ayurvedic clinic is the best choice for improving your immunity from diseases. There are many well known ayurvedic clinics consisting of highly trained ayurvedic practitioners that provide the best ayurvedic treatment in Singapore with utmost care and commitment.

Ayurlife is one such reputed clinic where we provide this treatment with ease. Apart from abhyanga, our other types of ayurvedic treatments include:






Physio-Veda, and more.

Highly trained and qualified ayurvedic doctors and therapists will perform all our services. On booking your appointment at Ayurlife, you are able to feel and experience the traditions of authentic Ayurveda.

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Staying healthy through Ayurveda

The whole world is facing the devastating effect of the coronavirus pandemic physically and mentally. As we all are locked in our homes, the potential for stress & other ailments arises mainly due to the uncertainty of the future. During a time like this, the most important thing is to stay healthy and safe from infectious diseases.

Eating healthy foods is one way to do that. If you are looking for other options, then opting for Ayurvedic Medicine Singapore is a good idea to improve your health. Not only it’s safe, but it is also natural and organic too. In case you haven’t opted for any ayurvedic treatment, now is the right time to choose one from the best ayurvedic health clinic in Singapore. Ayurvedic Medicine Singapore

A long tradition

Ayurvedic treatments have been one of the healing treatments used since ancient times. Ayurveda procedures and medicines revolve around three main doshas or elements. It is when the three doshas are in balance, the body is in perfect health. An imbalance of these doshas results in all the ailments.

The thing about Ayurveda is that it is not just taking the medicine and waiting for the result. Ayurveda is a comprehensive holistic approach. This strengthens immunity against diseases by adopting a preventive approach. Now at a time when all the people are looking for every possible way out to deal with the pandemic, embracing Ayurveda and its principles act as an effective solution. This improves immunity and provides resistance to fight such infectious diseases.

Originated in the Indian subcontinent, Ayurveda and its traditions are being practiced worldwide. Ayurlife, the best Kerala ayurvedic center in Singapore, has been practicing authentic ayurvedic treatments. Our treatments have provided long-lasting relief for all our customers.

Why should you opt for Ayurveda

Although the reasons may vary, the ultimate goal is to achieve relief and relaxation from physical and mental difficulties. Besides that, the procedures used for ayurvedic treatments are derived from natural means which means there won’t be an occurrence of any scenario in which anything goes wrong.

Another thing is that Ayurveda provides a complete healing factor and helps to understand your body and mind from within. Since Ayurveda emphasizes prevention over cure, by knowing your body type, what type of food should be consumed, etc, you will have an overall idea about your health. With the availability of many reputed ayurvedic clinics in Singapore, getting your desired procedure is not much of an issue at all.

However, do note that some treatments are not ideal if you are having an existing medical condition. By consulting with us, you can know what type of ayurvedic procedure is suitable for maintaining your health.

Our treatments

At Ayurlife, we provide holistic ayurvedic care for your mind and body through our complete range of authentic treatments. What makes our treatments preferred is that they are done by our experienced and qualified ayurvedic practitioners. Since each body type is different for each person, we know how to identify and perform the right treatment without complications.

The following treatments are provided at our clinic:











Our Speciality

Apart from providing the treatments individually, we combine and perform them. This, in turn, delivers body immunity and a relaxed mind. You are able to choose the desired ayurvedic procedure from our list depending on your condition. Even though the treatments play a vital role in restoring health, getting them done from the best ayurvedic clinic is important.

Make the right choice

Now you are aware of Ayurveda, it’s importance & our various health care treatments, right?. But the most important thing to know is the right place to get them done. When it comes to providing the best natural healing Singapore, our clinic is the right choice.

Why Choose Us?

We are a well-reputed clinic that provides a variety of treatments & ayurvedic medicine Singapore that provides long relief from ailments for a long time. Our clinic is run by an experienced team of doctors who deliver authentic ayurvedic treatments. If you want to lead a healthy life with complete immunity, then choose the best ayurvedic treatments at Ayurlife. Book your appointment with us via our website or drop us a call.

Benefits of Udhvarthanam

Did you know the ayurvedic treatment for reducing weight?  

          The ayurvedic treatment for reducing weight has a long tradition rooting to ancient history. The daily routine is always packed with hectic schedules and we ourselves are busy with chores and duties. where is time to pay heed to health? This is the course of our life. Majority of the population suffers from obesity and overweight. There are different reasons including unhealthy eating habits and love for fatty foods.  Some of them are not aware of the health problems as well as cosmetic problems caused due to obesity. At Ayurlife, we have an expert team to help you control weight and excess fat from the body.

  Choose the best Ayurvedic doctor  

 Udwarthanam treatment is always guided by one of the best ayurvedic doctor’s presence. Ayurveda is an ancient healing system originated and developed in India rooted 3,000 years ago and made its place. The Sanskrit word Ayurveda is originated from the words ‘ayuh’ meaning longevity. The latter Veda meaning science or sacred knowledge in Sanskrit. It mainly focuses on the holistic well being of humans. It encompasses the philosophical, emotional layers of human life. It advocates a way of life incorporating the natural world to lead a healthy, happy life. The goals of Ayurveda are mainly two; the first is to maintain balanced health and the latter is the treatment of diseases.  This blog briefly discusses the Udwarthanam treatment in Ayurveda and how it reduces weight loss.

ayurvedic treatment for reducing weight

Obesity and Overweight

World health organization defines obesity as “ excessive fat accumulation that presents a risk to health. Overweight and obesity are major risk factors for a number of chronic diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Once considered a problem only in high-income countries, overweight and obesity are now dramatically on the rise in low- and middle-income countries, particularly in urban settings” 

The major cause of the following diseases is obesity or overweight.

  • A major cause of type 2 diabetes
  • Hypertension 
  • Heart Disease
  • Respiratory Disorders
  • Cerebrovascular Diseases

Restorative Massage –  Udwarthanam

Udwarthanam is one of the ancient healing system rooted in Ayurveda for weight loss or excess weight. It is performed by an experienced ayurvedic therapist. It is a massage involves herbal powders and oils. It is deep-rooted and the outcome is always evident. It is a panchakarma therapy involving full body massage in an upward direction. Panchakarma and weight loss are interrelated. The pressure is applied in different postures using powders. Experienced therapists rub herbal powders and oil into the body. As a result, body fat breaks down under pressure. Hot oil and rubbing melt body fat and its beneficial in many ways. The massage lasts for 15 to 45 minutes and afterwards half an hour rest is assured. It is generally called as Ayurvedic body scrub using lepam. Undergoing this will be beneficial for obese people. If you are facing obesity, it will be beneficial for undergoing Udwarthanam massage. Ayurlife Ayurvedic, one of the pioneers in Udwarthanam massage is happy to lend you hands in this venture. 

ayurvedic treatment for reducing weightBenefits 

Full body massage itself helps to rectify many skin problems. It assists in reducing many skin diseases as well as other diseases such as indigestion, sclerosis of blood vessels and diabetic neuropathy. The massage involves hot oil and herbal powder, which melts excessive muscle fat. Besides, massaging your body improves blood circulation and it, in turn, controls blood pressure. There are some dead cells in our skin. These cells can be rejuvenated using massage. It will reduce skin odour and can give a good tone to your skin. Thus, reactivating the sense of touch. You can also enjoy balanced metabolism. It also helps in removing Kapha dosha from the body. These are some of the benefits of this treatment. The result will have variation according to different bodies. We have three types of dosha.

In some diseases, incorporating Udwarthanam may bring better results.

Motor neuron disorders

Parkinson’s disease

Muscular dystrophy

Multiple sclerosis

Hemiplegia, cerebral palsy


Rheumatoid arthritis

Obesity, diabetes Very effective in Atisthoulya (Obesity), weight reduction, Srothorodhas (closures/constriction of the vital body channels) and Oedema due to improper blood supply (hypothyroidism and anaemia).

Likewise, at certain conditions, it is not advisable such as

 Wounds, bruised body, burns

Psoriasis, eczema


Children under the age of 10

Ayurvedic Healthcare

We here at Ayurlife, being one of the prominent ayurvedic healthcare guides you to get control of your weight and lose excess fat. We all like to lead a healthy, happy life. A balanced diet and regular exercise will help us to become fit. Using Udwarthanam therapy, you can be relaxed, fit and positive. A healthy life is the best wealth we can ever possess.