Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic Self-care and Healing

Self-care can mean different things to different people. For some, self-care could mean watching a favourite movie, for others it could be reading a self-help book, maybe listening to songs or anything that brings you happiness and peace. Ayurvedic massage therapies have always emphasised self-care not being one dimensional, but instead a holistic set of practices. Therefore, self-care is not only about taking care of our physical wellbeing but also about discovering the connection between physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

Our daily work and activities have normalized our body and mind to always work under stress. gradually it had made us lose touch with experiencing a profound sleep, sheer calmness or something that soothe your brain and mind. Getting exercise, proper diet, sleep, quality conversations are all needed rest helps to achieve that. Ensure you are getting about six to eight hours of undisturbed sleep, which helps in building optimism, confidence, and positive energy. Ayurlife is a team of qualified and well-experienced Ayurvedic physicians who will conduct the clinical assessment including detailed history-taking, determination of the basic constitution (body type), physical and systemic examination and then advice customized treatment plans for each and every customer for Natural Ayurvedic therapy in Singapore

Discovering yourself

There are so many levels to this and how we respond and what we need, it purely varies from person to person. For some of us, the lack of movement may be challenging, and not have social interaction or games; for others, hugs and physical touch is missing the most. We’ve also become aware of how small control we actually have over outdoor events. This was always a fact, but as time changes, we can see it more clearly and it may be despairing. We really can change our attitude and approach towards responding to any situation, and how we see ourselves. Our Experienced trainers combined with our ideal healing atmosphere is one of the best centres for Natural Ayurvedic therapy in Singapore

Ayurvedic massage therapies and practices can support us by helping us create an effective schedule, diet and sleep. When our body knows it’s being fed properly, getting rest, and movement at fixed times, we feel safer and healthy. We can then have better focus, understanding and perform better in our daily tasks. Restless sleep, anxiety, mood swings and depression are very common in the midst of uncertainty and change. Incorporating routines such as meditation, breathing practices, yoga, nutritious meals and sleep can make any person happy and most importantly a positive attitude towards life!

Happier and Healthier lifestyle

Ayurvedic practices can only make your lives better, natural herbs and extracts are used in ayurvedic and its treatments don’t harm you or have any side effects as well! You can start by just paying attention to what makes you happy and what works for you from the beginning of our course with the best Natural Ayurvedic therapy in Singapore. How different foods, people, situations and experiences make you feel, just sort out what makes you happy and what bothers you as well. We’re passing and getting huge information every day, Ayurveda teaches us to focus and deal with managing our daily life and sorting out complex thoughts at ease. Anything that makes you happy, practicing Ayurveda make it better by getting rid of distractions from the TV or phone. It’s definitely not a quick fix, it’s a long term solution that will be sustainable to the end of your days.

Why should people choose Ayurveda?

The principles of Ayurveda can be easily applied and maintained to all walks of life, Easiest is to incorporate because it is a slow process into daily life starting with one or two changes and then we can find gradual increase and see for ourselves. You only need to find a few more minutes in daily life, a bit of sorting out in meals and finding time for exercise. This way of Life with Ayurvedic massage therapies will actually make your routine more peaceful and lifestyle choices much easier and more enjoyable when discovering how to truly care for yourself. It can mean waking up an hour earlier, getting deeper sleep, eating at a different time than you’re used to and any games or practice that bring you joy or discover your true self and awareness of yourself.

Shiro Abhyanga Treatment

Hidden benefits of undergoing a Shiro Abhyanga massage

First of all Shiro abhyanga is the combination of Shirodhara and abhyanga massage types in Ayurveda which mainly focus on the upper part of our body which includes our head, neck, and shoulders, Shirodhara is an ayurvedic procedure in which herbal oil is poured and then massaged with a certain rhythm according to the person’s medical condition and abhyanga in Ayurveda simply refers to a massage.

Even though the benefits of Shirodhara and Shiro abhyanga seem similar, they are completely different in terms of herbs, oils, targeted places, and procedures too. Shiro abhyanga therapy can be done after the detailed study and analysis of the medical condition only.

Introduction to Shiro Abhyanga massage

Shiro abhyanga treatment in Ayurveda treats our body like a tree and considers our head as roots. Shiro abhyanga mainly focuses on the central nervous system,hair-fall, vision, degenerative and inflammatory diseases, and sense organs. first, the person who opts for this therapy is observed, studied, and analyzed by our certified therapists, and later, in accordance with the conditions suitable herbs and oil is created in our facilities under proper guidance, even though targeted parts of both Shirodhara and Shiro abhyanga seem similar they completely vary with the herbal oils thus creates a massive difference in the outcome.

Shiroabhyanga Massage

Stages of Shiro Abhyanga massage

Shiro Abhyanga therapy can be classified into mainly 4 procedures according to the targeted body parts and massaging techniques and they are

  • Head massage
  • Neck massage
  • Shoulder massage
  • Forehead massage

The treatment starts with applying our herbal oil over the heads and then we will start by gentle massage all over and then we will focus on the marma points.

Ayurveda determines that there are around 107 Marma points in our body, where 12 are classified as Padu Marmas (vital life centers), and the majority of these marmas exist in the head and neck region, showing the importance of the upper body and their roles are to our physio-psychological functioning.

Shiro Abhyanga therapy and Marmas

  • Adhipati: located 8 finger-widths above the eyebrows in the center of the skull.
  • Simantaka: 12 finger-widths above the eyebrows on the skull
  • Krikatika:  2 points located on either side of the first cervical vertebrae behind the head
  • Vidhuram: behind both ears, just behind the earlobes.
  • Shankha: both sides of the forehead between the end of the eyebrow and the hairline 
  • Adhipati: located 8 finger-widths above the eyebrows in the center of the skull.
  • Simantaka: Located 12 finger-widths above the eyebrows
  • Krikatika: These are 2 points located on either side of the first cervical vertebrae behind the head 
  • Vidura: behind both ears, just behind the earlobes.
  • Shankha: both sides of the forehead between the end of the eyebrow and the hairline (temples).

Ayurveda gives importance to every part of our body equally and it’s considered as a lifestyle to bring balance to mind, body, and soul. Both Shirodhara and abhyanga play a major role in ayurvedic treatment hence they have their specialities. Shiro abhyanga therapy in Ayurveda focuses on main marmas thus helping in rejuvenating the central nervous systems and sense organs. But Shiro abhyanga has many other benefits too. This therapy helps in hair loss, vision, inflammations, insomnia, and a lot more.

Duration of the treatment

Shiro Abhyanga massage usually takes 30 minutes and it may go up to one hour according to the medical condition of the patient and the course also differs according to the depth of the illness.


Ayurlife ayurvedic is an Indian traditional ayurvedic clinic established in 2018. The unprecedented growth of individual counts and positive reviews has been noticed in the immunity portfolio during the period of 2018 till now and we are more than happy to officially announce that our clients are feeling better as well. Our team of qualified and well-experienced Ayurvedic physicians will conduct the clinical assessment including detailed history-taking, determination of the basic constitution (body type), physical and systemic examination and then advice customized treatment plans for each and every customer.

Ayurlife offers the most authentic and traditional herbal treatment sessions which use completely natural and organic ingredients. our ancient remedies stand the test of time in healing a range of common and everyday health problems

Knee Pain Treatment


The human body will undergo weakness with aging which is unavoidable. From losing strength to certain pain over different parts of the body , everything is common. Most people will get adjusted to this situation as time passes. But in some cases, the pain will become unbearable. It may even start to impair us from doing our daily activities. Among all the types of body pain, knee pain is a little bit more critical and can be treated with a knee pain treatment

This is because it will restrict us from traveling. Don’t have an assumption that knee pain is affected for aged people alone. A lot of youngsters suffering from knee pain are visible these days. If the knee pain becomes severe, it will create a situation where we may have to depend on others even for our basic needs.

To provide relief to all those concerns, Ayurlife is offering Januvasti therapy for knee pain in Singapore. Let’s get into the details.


Reasons for the occurrence of knee pain are countless. As mentioned earlier, aging is one of the most predominant factors. Employment that requires a lot of repeated actions of the knee joints may eventually result in pain. Athletes and other sportspeople who undergo rigorous training regularly are also at risk of knee pain. An accident of any physical injuries can also pave the way for this situation.

Despite the reasons, the difficulties caused by this situation are tremendous. It may seem to be very handy in the beginning. If proper attention is not given at the relevant times, things may go harder than thought. Most people get ready to take knee pain treatment only when it becomes unbearable. But within that time limit, the situation may go out of control.

Don’t worry. Ayurveda is ready to provide relief for those people who are struggling with this knee pain. Januvasti therapy provided by Ayurlife has proved to be a successful remedy for this situation. The therapy procedure involves retaining the medicated oil or ghee in the knee area for a specific period of time. The herbal oil for the treatment is prepared by analyzing the dosha imbalance of the body.

The benefits of undergoing a Januvasti treatment are numerous. It relieves the pain in the knee joint by lubricating it. This will helps to reduce the friction caused by the movement of the joint bones. The swelling, stiffness and inflammation in the knee area are addressed during this therapy. It will strengthen the joint and soothes the nerves in the knee area. Apart from these, certain conditions of osteoarthritis and post-surgical distress will be improved by this therapy. A proper Januvasti therapy will improve the blood circulation and mobility of your knee joint.


For all the people who are suffering from knee pain, Ayurveda is providing a natural remedy of healing. Januvasti therapy offered by Ayurlife is considered as a wise choice for healing the joint pain of the knee and related ailments. With a systematic diagnosis, we will find out the dosha imbalance of the patient and prepare relevant medicines. All our staff are extremely professional and committed to producing maximum results for the time spend.

A proper counseling session will be provided by our staff for the patient in order to prepare him/her mentally for the treatment. patients are advised to produce their previous treatment documents at the time of consultation if there are any. Complete cooperation of the patient is expected in terms of medicine and food during the course. For more information contact us and fix an appointment today itself. 

benefits of Takradhara



Exceedingly rising cases of increased stress have become a social phenomenon. Besides this, a drastic change and exposure to an unhealthy environment is also a topic of discussion. Both of these conditions remained ignored for years as they acted as a slow poison. But now the situations are changing.

          The uncontrollable stress and change in food habits have welcomed diseases like hypertension and migraine. An irregular sleep cycle evolved as a part of a switch in work culture has can also contribute to migraine. For people who have a tendency to develop hypertension, the consumption of alcohol and a sodium-rich diet can be triggering factors. Studies show that people who are overweight are likely to have hypertension.

          Apart from this, an escalation of psoriasis cases is also a matter of discussion. Psoriasis is a skin disorder developed because of the faster regeneration of cells. This will result in red patches with silvery scales, dry skin with itching etc. Numerous categories of disorders are listed under the label of psoriasis. A cold or dry weather condition and severe sunburn can stimulate the psoriasis condition. In addition to this, a highly stressful atmosphere at work or home will increase the risk of this disease.

          For all the above-mentioned diseases, people will think about a medical consultation only after they victimize a hike in their situation. To provide relief for those people, Ayurlife is offering Takradhara treatment for psoriasis, hypertension and migration. Let’s understand more about this.


Takradhara in Ayurveda is one of the efficient treatment methods for improving stress and skin-related diseases. The word ‘Takra’ means buttermilk and ‘Dhara’ means to pour. It can be done over the head or any affected body part.

          Through the application of medicated buttermilk, mental stress of the patient will be reduced. Along with migraine, all the sleeping disorders and even insomnia will be addressed by this treatment. A combination of Takradhara with abhyanga will stimulate the internal organs and boost the immune system.

          Apart from reducing stress and headache, it has other benefits like preventing indigestion. For the people who are tensed about greying of hair, Takradhara can be an ideal choice. By the application of medicated buttermilk with abhyanga, the blood circulation to the brain will be stimulated which can distant you from migraine.

          The medicated buttermilk for the treatment will be prepared only after a detailed analysis of the dosha imbalance of the patient’s body. All our staff are well experienced and committed to improving your present painful condition and provide you a happy life.


Ayurlife is throwing rays of hope to all  people who are suffering from serious conditions of hypertension, migraine and psoriasis. Apart from this, benefits of Takradhara treatment are countless which includes reinforcing the lost balance of your life cycle. The cooling effect provided by medicated buttermilk will induce sleep and relieve all your stress

          Proper counseling sessions will be provided by our doctors to prepare the patient mentally for the treatment. All the food restrictions and the medications to be followed will be described in detail by our staff. With years of experience and expertise in the field of traditional Indian treatment methods, Ayurlife proved to be a treasure for a lot.

              Ayurlife can bring a change for all the people who are ready to cooperate sincerely with our procedures. For more information, please feel free to reach us.

Busting some Ayurvedic myths

There’s no doubt that Ayurvedic treatments are one of the world’s oldest forms of medicine. Even though started in the Indian subcontinent, ayurvedic practices are followed worldwide. It has a lot of benefits in terms of promoting long term health and immunity. Even though Ayurveda has its perks, some myths still revolve around it. Being a well-known ayurvedic clinic Singapore, we aim to debunk such myths so that you understand Ayurveda and its practices clearly.

Rise of the myths

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The thing about these so-called myths is that most of them won’t have any scientific proof or validation. Most of them are arisen from certain sayings by people. Since most people don’t go into validating these claims, they assume them to be true which hinders them from experiencing an authentic ayurvedic session. Being a reputed ayurvedic clinic Singapore, we decided to clear some myths so that people will start looking at Ayurveda and its treatments from a different perspective. 

Debunking the myths

Alright, without much introduction, let us see what are all the types of myths exist in Ayurveda. By the end of this blog, some of your doubts will be cleared.

Ayurvedic treatments are slow

One of the most common myths heard in Ayurveda is that the treatments take a long time to act and heal. Unlike western type medicines that heal within days, ayurvedic treatments are not like that. They work to address not only your symptoms but also the root cause of your problem. So, when you opt for ayurvedic treatment, your body is being treated as a whole and don’t expect instant results.

Treatment is limited

No, Ayurveda is not limited to a handful of diseases. Ayurveda has the potential to treat and heal a variety of illnesses ranging from the common cold to more chronic conditions like arthritis. Like how there is information for modern medicine, Ayurvedic treatments consists of several texts that detail several areas of specialities.

It is a mixture of herbs

This is not entirely true. The treatments provided at several ayurveda hospitals in Singapore involve the use of herbs but along with those other ingredients such as rock salts, floral elements, resins, milk, honey etc are also used. The treatments may vary depending on the person’s body type, age, existing health conditions.

Completely based on spirituality

Although Ayurveda has its roots in the Vedas, Ayurvedic treatments are not based on spirituality and there is no reference to religion mentioned in the texts. Like modern medicines, Ayurveda is a science of medicine that deals with treating the human body as a whole physically and mentally. What’s more interesting is that many of modern medicine has been derived from Ayurvedic traditions. Now you can understand why several people prefer the best ayurvedic treatment in Singapore for improving their quality of life.

Ayurveda is harmless

Ask any person about their decision to choose Ayurvedic, what would be the first thing they say? it is safe and natural. Yes, it is true if the procedures are done by reputed ayurvedic doctors at a reputed medical clinic Singapore.

Due to being safe, many people might try out their own set of treatments based on Ayurveda. The result? Serious consequences. Being a Kerala ayurvedic centre, we strictly advise against this practice. All types of medication, whether ayurvedic or not, have their side effects if the dosage is incorrect and taken without proper consultation.

Clearing the misconception

Due to these so-called myths, this results in many people believing them to be true without knowing the right facts. Situations like these will make people doubt or refrain from opting for Ayurvedic treatments in the future. However, what we want to say is to avoid believing such false claims and always consult the best ayurveda hospitals in singapore like Ayurlife for clearing all your doubts about any treatments or services.