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Don’t neglect the importance of postnatal therapy

Giving birth to a child is something special, unique, and extraordinary for all women. It is not only a physical activity but it is a mental transformation from a young woman to a loving mother. During the pregnancy period, great care is given from time to time for resulting in a healthy delivery of the baby but what about after the pregnancy period?

This is where both the mother and child need extra care so that they become healthier and happy. Just like prenatal care, postnatal therapy is also important because, without it, it will result in negative consequences. In Ayurveda, postnatal treatments are specified and given to the mother and the baby. 

post natal care

How postnatal therapy is important in Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, the human body is a combination of the three doshas or elements which are Vata, Pitta & Kapha. Among these three, Vata dosha is responsible for several processes that include metabolic functions and movement throughout the body, and expulsion. Childbirth is one such process that involves a great deal of movement. As the Vata dosha constitutes air & space, when childbirth occurs, a void will be left in the body which is also governed by Vata. Therefore, it results in a Vata imbalance.

As the Vata dosha is imbalanced, it affects the health and well-being of the mother and the child. The mother may feel out of place, and experience dryness, fatigue, and depression, and taking care of the child by herself between this is not a good idea. This is where ayurvedic postnatal treatments come to balance the dosha symptoms and thereby optimize healing. If you are not sure about the dosha that governs your body, then visit an ayurvedic medical clinic like Ayurlife where we will help you with that.

Tips to follow

If you are a pregnant lady or due to give birth, then it is worth knowing these postnatal physiotherapy tips below that will help you and your loved ones to give proper care once you have delivered your baby and are at your home. However, we recommend you consult our clinic and get the best treatments for both you and the baby.

Get sufficient rest

First things first. Once you have given birth, you will be completely drained both physically and emotionally. The first thing you should do is get complete rest. Normally, it advised by doctors that the mother and the child must get rest for 40 days or six weeks. Also, during this time, limit tasks such as household chores and more importantly, limit the visitors. This is to prevent any chances of infection as both you and the baby are vulnerable and at their weakest.

Say no to raw food items & cold meals

When your family member offers you these items, just say no because not only they are very difficult to digest but they won’t help balance Vata. Even when drinking water, it must be either warm or at room temperature. Doing this will help eliminate Vata imbalance problems such as constipation. Also, when drinking warm water, doesn’t force your body to work hard 

Adapt to a healthier diet

After all, you have given birth, it has made you weak and the first thing to do is to become healthy. For that, switching to a healthier diet for at least a month after the delivery will help you to recover soon. Consuming home-cooked meals and food items such as oil and ghee leads to a good recovery. As these items consist of good quality fats, it helps to balance your hormones and Vata dosha.

Form an emotional bond

Well, this is pretty much self-explanatory. Now that you have become a mother, you need to spend time with your baby whenever you can. The bond you form with your baby today lasts for a lifetime. Even if you get a little time, you should cuddle and caress your baby. Also, you should let no one interfere with these moments under any circumstances unless you are not feeling well.

post natal care

How Ayurlife helps you

So, you want to get the best postnatal treatments? If that is what you want, then make the right choice with Ayurlife. We are one of the most reputed ayurvedic clinics in Singapore that provides authentic and quality ayurvedic treatments that involve natural herbal remedies for all people. At our clinic, our postnatal therapy gives new mothers a chance to feel grounded again, since looking after a newborn can be quite hectic when you are at your weakest. Our therapists will make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Apart from relaxation, the therapy will also:

  • Promotes muscle healing & spinal alignment
  • Help the female organs and connective tissues to return to their pre-pregnancy condition
  • Nurture your body & help build your lost emotional energy.
  • Provide long-lasting relief from lower back, shoulder, and neck pains
  • Help reduce fluid retention and promote weight loss

Apart from postnatal therapy, our other ayurvedic treatments include Abhyangam, Shirodhara, Nasyam, Pizhichil, Physio-Veda, and much more. Our services have provided immunity and long-term health benefits for different types of customers. You can call us to book an appointment for the treatment that you wish to do.


Postnatal therapy is just as important as prenatal treatments. When getting ayurvedic postnatal therapy, it must be done from a well-known clinic like Ayurlife. If you are ready for getting quality postnatal therapy for you and your child, then we are all set to provide the best ayurvedic treatments for you.

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