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Kativasti is a special type of low back therapy or lumbar therapy in Ayurveda. ” Kati ” stands for low back or waist and Vasti means containing or retaining something in you. As an effective Ayurvedic lumbosacral rejuvenation therapy, we use hot oil or herbal decoction for the best relief. Vasti is the procedure in Ayurveda where the heat of medicated oils is considered an active ingredient which when applied to the targeted area alleviates the pain. Kativasti in Ayurveda is a traditional treatment effective for lower backache and disorders of the lumbosacral region, including slip disc, lumbar spondylosis, sciatica, spinal problems, etc. It is a very safe, non-invasive, and green category procedure in ayurvedic that helps in achieving a balanced state of body, mind, and consciousness, Ayurveda prescribes purificatory effects for the cleansing of the body toxins. Kativasti, a part of the pre-operative therapy in Ayurveda prior to Panchakarma is also a very effective treatment for lower backache. The lower waist area of the body gets the best relief by  Holding warm ayurvedic oils on it as it involves retention of warm and thick medicated oil all over the lower back along with the parts of the spine for a certain period of time. Ayurlife has experienced ayurvedic trainers and we are one of the leading ayurvedic clinics in Singapore delivering delicate care for our clients,

Our Kativasti Procedure :

  • A medical dough is prepared from a mixture of black gram flour or whole wheat flour and water.
  • Medicated herbs are selected depending on the medical conditions and the state of the Doshas of the person.
  • The person is made to lie face down on our Massage Table.
  • A reservoir made of black gram dough is built around the lumbosacral area which is made into a ring up to four to five inches in diameter placed over the lumbosacral area of the spine.
  • After that we glue with some water in order to make it leak proof, Ensuring leak-proof, a lukewarm medicinal oil of around 200-300 ml is slowly poured into it. When this cools down it is squeezed out and replaced with a warmer one.
  • The temperature of the oil is maintained by reheating and continuously adding more oil. The oil is kept on for 30-40 minutes.
  • At the end of the procedure, the glued dough is removed followed by a gentle massage given over the area. then the person is made to take a rest for a while.

Duration and course of kativasti treatment :

The duration of the treatment is about 30 to 45 minutes and it may go up to an hour based on the study and analysis of the history and medical conditions of the patient. The kativasti course is also considered according to the health conditions of the person but it takes normally 7 to 20 days for best results.

Benefits of kativasti treatment

People have witnessed the effects and curing benefits of kativasti in Ayurveda as herbal oils used in deep tissue herbal massage. Our medical herbs and oils benefit in deep cleansing and circulation of the blood, enhance the strength of muscles, and lubricate the joints keeping them flexible and pain-free. Kati Vasti is an effective treatment in Ayurveda with back pain relief as the nerves are nourished with warm oils relieving the person from pain and numbness. in simple words, the benefit of Kati Vasti is back pain relief with an energized feeling and there are other benefits too and they are :.

  • Pacifies Vata Dosha
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improved blood circulation around the lumbosacral area
  • Removes rigidity and spasm of muscles around the lumbosacral region
  • Nourishment and strengthening of the bones, connective tissues, ligaments, nerves, muscles of the lumbosacral region
  • Lubricating  the joints
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