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Kati vasti therapy for improving lower back problems


Lower back pains are one of the most excruciating pains in the human body and are not something worth enjoying at all. Although, these pains used to occur in people as they age, leading a sedentary lifestyle with little to no exercise has increased the risk of getting these conditions very early. Even though there are several treatments for lower back pain, spinal related issues, preferring kati vasti therapy, a natural ayurvedic treatment is more preferred among people in recent times. Being an ayurvedic treatment, it is considered safe and offers long-lasting pain relief and healing through natural means.

What makes this treatment the preferred choice for many is that unlike a cure for lower back ache, Kativasti can be considered as a preventive treatment against lower back problems & related issues that may occur in the future. Kativasti is derived from the words “Kati” meaning lower back & “vasti”, a pouch-like arrangement, so in essence, the treatment involves pouring medicated oils into a specifically constructed pouch which is placed on the lower back. The oil poured into the pouch gets absorbed into the skin and promotes natural healing.

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What makes kati vasti therapy popular?

Unlike other forms of medicine, kati vasti therapy involves the use of organic medications which are considered safe and natural. The medications are determined by qualified ayurvedic practitioners based on the person’s body type and health conditions. After pouring the oil, it is replaced at regular intervals by the therapists and also the oil heat is maintained throughout the process. The oil used for this treatment has several healing properties that cleanses the blood, improves muscle strength and connective tissue health.

The sole reason why Kativasti is popular is that it is a proven ayurvedic deep tissue procedure for treating lower back issues, back traction, cervical spondylosis and related problems. Due to the popularity, there are many established ayurvedic clinics in Singapore providing the treatment and getting the procedure done at Ayurlife is a pretty good idea.

The natural benefits

Kativasti is a unique ayurvedic procedure that has several long term health benefits. Getting the treatment done at Ayurlife provides you with the following health perks:

  • Provides natural relief to most types of lower back strain, spinal disorders, stiffness.
  • Helps strengthen back muscles which maintain normal spine curvature
  • Increases blood circulation & strengthens joints, muscles and soft tissues
  • Nourish and strengthen the muscles and nerves.

The benefits are even more which you can experience yourself once you book an appointment at our ayurvedic clinic. Other than the health benefits, our ayurvedic treatments are affordable for all which makes it another valid reason to prefer these treatments.

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Does this treatment have any side effects?

Being an ayurvedic treatment, there are no side effects in getting this treatment as there is no sort of body contact procedures like massage involved. This makes it suitable for all people suffering from lower back ache. However, there are some precautions to take as the procedure involves pouring warm medicated oils on the skin, the patient is required to not have any wounds on skin injuries as it may cause problems.

If you are having any existing health conditions, it is important to share them with our doctors so that we can determine whether the treatment is right for your ailment. As warm oil is used for the treatment, if it is done by someone inexperienced, this can lead to burns or blister formation which is not good. This is why you should get kati vasti therapy done at Ayurlife.

What we do at Ayurlife

As mentioned before, we are one of the most reputed ayurvedic clinics that provides a wide range of effective health care treatments and procedures for various ailments. We aim to provide long term healing and improved health benefits to all our customers. To deliver that, we have a team of qualified ayurvedic doctors, therapists and practitioners who follow the recommended ayurvedic traditions to heal patients. To get the best results, we provide our treatments along with a recommended diet plan that helps our patients lead a healthy lifestyle. When you book an appointment at Ayurlife, we assure you of better health and natural pain relief through our treatments.

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