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The human body will undergo weakness with aging which is unavoidable. From losing strength to certain pain over different parts of the body, everything is common. Most people will get adjusted to this situation as time passes. But in some cases, the pain will become unbearable. It may even start to impair us from doing our daily activities. Among all the types of body pain, knee pain is a little bit more critical and can be treated with a knee pain treatment

This is because it will restrict us from traveling. Don’t have an assumption that knee pain is affected for aged people alone. A lot of youngsters suffering from knee pain are visible these days. If the knee pain becomes severe, it will create a situation where we may have to depend on others even for our basic needs.

To provide relief to all those concerns, Ayurlife is offering Januvasti therapy for knee pain in Singapore. Let’s get into the details.


The reasons for the occurrence of knee pain are countless. As mentioned earlier, aging is one of the most predominant factors. Employment that requires a lot of repeated actions of the knee joints may eventually result in pain. Athletes and other sportspeople who undergo rigorous training regularly are also at risk of knee pain. An accident or any physical injury can also pave the way for this situation.

Despite the reasons, the difficulties caused by this situation are tremendous. It may seem to be very handy in the beginning. If proper attention is not given at the relevant times, things may go harder than thought. Most people get ready to take knee pain treatment only when it becomes unbearable. But within that time limit, the situation may go out of control.

Don’t worry. Ayurveda is ready to provide relief for those people who are struggling with this knee pain. Januvasti therapy provided by Ayurlife has proved to be a successful remedy for this situation. The therapy procedure involves retaining the medicated oil or ghee in the knee area for a specific period of time. The herbal oil for the treatment is prepared by analyzing the dosha imbalance of the body.

The benefits of undergoing a Januvasti treatment are numerous. It relieves the pain in the knee joint by lubricating it. This will helps to reduce the friction caused by the movement of the joint bones. The swelling, stiffness, and inflammation in the knee area are addressed during this therapy. It will strengthen the joint and soothes the nerves in the knee area. Apart from these, certain conditions of osteoarthritis and post-surgical distress will be improved by this therapy. A proper Januvasti therapy will improve the blood circulation and mobility of your knee joint.


For all the people who are suffering from knee pain, Ayurveda is providing a natural remedy for healing. Januvasti therapy offered by Ayurlife is considered as a wise choice for healing the joint pain of the knee and related ailments. With a systematic diagnosis, we will find out the dosha imbalance of the patient and prepare relevant medicines. All our staff are extremely professional and committed to producing maximum results for the time spent.

A proper counseling session will be provided by our staff for the patient in order to prepare him/her mentally for the treatment. patients are advised to produce their previous treatment documents at the time of consultation if there are any. Complete cooperation of the patient is expected in terms of medicine and food during the course. For more information contact us and fix an appointment today. 

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