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Ways to ease knee pain with Ayurveda

Find out how can you alleviate knee pain naturally 

“The first wealth is health” as the saying goes,  the importance of health is always beyond words. Do you recall any day you could not walk and felt stiffed? Yes. we all have undergone some sort of knee pain at any time in our busy life. 

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Knee pain and related diseases are now a major concern in today’s society. The disease has an incrementing effect on different age groups rather than old age. Knee pain can be for diverse reasons and symptoms may have slight changes due to its different reasons. Knee pain is a common illness, usually effected by old people like our parents and grandparents. Nowadays, the trend is going in the opposite direction as young people are also undergoing knee pain in their daily life. People are tired and troubled with aching and cracking knees.

 Ayurveda has good news! It has its own proven unique techniques to soothe aching knees. Ayurveda,  the ancient healing system evolved centuries and has a bright tradition in healing dreadful knee pains. At Ayurlife, we focus on relief from natural healing for joint pain.

There are various reasons for painful knees:

  • Injuries 

  • Reduction of  cartilage

  • Broken ligament

Acute knee pain can be chronic if it is not properly treated. Generally, it has got many symptoms. The intricacy and severity depend on the individual’s condition. Many people suggest physiotherapy for knee pain. This actually helps the person reduces his or her pain in knees. 

When you are affected with joint pains or injuries, you may have felt intense pain surrounding your knees. If you are suffering from arthritis,  you may have experienced great pain, especially involving in any activity such as sports, cycling, or climbing a staircase. Brisk walking seems to be a long dream as swelling and stiffness become a daily routine. Moreover, some feel redness in knees and instability when walking. Stretching legs are not a piece of cake to accomplish as stiffness haunts your knee. These are the prime symptoms often accompanied by the knee joint.

physiotherapy for knee pain

Certain conditions like Excess body weight, injuries, hip or foot pain, and weak muscles can cause knee pain. Perhaps, accelerate it. 

Most of cases, knee pain is not a villain. It immediately responds to our home remedies and massage. But, things are not always as simple as we take them. Immediate care is vital as it helps in faster restoration. An experienced medical practitioner can help you to overcome this situation.

Generally, there are two common medical conditions related to knee pain.

  1. Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis, also known as the degenerative joint disease commonly affected old people. It can affect one or multiple joints. Here, the thigh bone becomes thinner due to inflammation. This can be terrible if you have heavyweight or ascending stairs.  Swelling and stiffness are the major symptoms. These symptoms are terrible when waking up in the morning. Loss of normal cartilage tissue due to wear and tear is the main reason behind this arthritis. Subsequently, this is common in old age people. 

  1. Chondromalacia Patella

Chondromalacia Patella is also known as runner’s disease as it is often seen in adolescent and young adults who are constantly engaged in sports or persons in certain occupations. As their activities cause great stress on knee joints and lead to chondromalacia. Excessive use of knees causes improper alignment of ligaments, cracking sensations, and other symptoms. People who have chondromalacia experience great pain when they climb the staircase and sometimes pain can be felt descending steps.  

Ayurvedic is a proven science that helps us and focuses on the holistic well-being of humans. It offers the ultimate solution for knee pain. Getting the right care is very important. Ayurvedic health care is possible with the help of experienced doctors as well as ayurvedic therapists. Ayurveda offers pizhichil, ayurvedic therapy for chronic knee pain.

Abhyangam + Pizhichil 

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Ayurveda, pizhichil is highly beneficial for knee pain along with other medical conditions Hemiplegia, and other paralyses. It involves the application of medicated oil massage on the body. It is the squeezing of warm herbal oil from a piece of cloth that is frequently soaked in a container or vessel brimming oil. and It protects the body from illnesses and boosts immunity. The benefits of undergoing pizhichil with Abhyngam are numerous.  

Benefits of  Pizhichil

  • Alleviating arthritis

  • Reducing excessive knee pain

  • Improves cracking knees

  • Prevents degenerative problems

  • Overcoming paralysis

  • Treating rheumatic diseases

Arthritis and runner’s knee and all kinds of knee pain can be cured completely or lessen the severity of the individual’s condition by relying on ayurvedic solutions. At Ayurlife, being one of the best ayurvedic clinics are happy to assist you in your endeavour to reduce knee pain and to retain brisk walking.   

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