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Natural therapy for diabetes & depression

Are you suffering from diabetes?

Do you feel depressed, tired or anxious?

Ayurlife, Kerala ayurveda centre Singapore is here before you to make you aware about the ayurvedic treatments for lifestyle diseases.

Diabetes and depression have a direct relationship and it goes hand in hand. Have you ever thought about this? Our health is regarded as our great wealth. We could do necessary actions to retain sound health.

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Are you aware about the connection between diabetes and depression? Diabetes can cause depression and sometimes depression can leads to diabetes.

Remedies with ayurvedic medicines

And we have good news for you. Diabetes and depression can be treated together with the help of ayurveda. For that, we use a blend of some therapies and natural medicines that can cure your illness and make you active like how you were before.

Natural Healing SingaporeNature has bestowed us with a variety of plants and herbs with a lot of medicinal values. Nature itself has the ability to cure our all problems. We only have to trust it and then we can feel the miracles of nature on our body and mind.

Diabetes and Depression

Studies suggest that the chances of developing depression is twice in diabetes patients than in normal people. It is said that the stress in their daily life due to their inability in handling the demands of their condition leads to depression. It may include slight health problems to chronic illness.

At Ayurlife, we have a team of qualified ayurvedic professionals available all the day to help you with coping with your issues. We want to make you recognise your problems and assist you with finding necessary solution with natural herbal remedies.

Mange your conditions

How well you can control diabetes is connected with the risk of developing depression. That is, if you have a high or low level of blood glucose, it can leads you to feel anxious and tired.

Depression is an irritating condition that makes a person feels discouraged, demotivated, sad, hopeless, or the personal will tends to lack interest in life.

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In Ayurveda, it is stated that there are three main qualities( known as gunas in ayurveda) which are sattva, rajas and tamas that are associated with the mental health of a person. We need a unique equilibrium of these three gunas. Sattva is referred as intelligences and goodness. Rajas is quality of activity. And Tamas is the quality of inactivity.

The aforesaid equilibrium will changes and can leads to negative feelings or depression are caused if there doesn’t exist a proper action and if we fails to get a good diet.

A person suffering from diabetes may feel these and can get distracted from an active life. Also if one is feeling depressed, it can also develop the risk of diabetes. A poor lifestyle due to the depression, such as unhealthy eating, lack of exercise, weight gain are considered to be the risk factors for diabetes. Ayurveda, the science of life has treatment for depression and diabetes.

How to manage these conditions together :

Self management: You can improve your metabolic control and enhance your fitness level through a well managed diabetes program that is focused on the behavioral pattern. It can help you with managing your weight and reduces the risks of diseases.

Psychotherapy : Improvements can be made on your mental health with an effective psychotherapy. Proper medications and lifestyle changes can helps you to cope up with your mental health and diabetes.

Professional care : A supportive health care system with the supervision of a medical practitioner can help you a lot. They can provide you with necessary therapies and can easily makes you cure your condition.

Hope you are feeling relaxed to know this. Do you think that you need care from a professional ayurvedic medical practitioner? If yes, then please don’t hesitate to meet us.

Why Ayurlife?

With a vast years of experience, we have expertise in a variety of therapies for making you rejuvenated and relaxed with the benefits of herbal medicines.

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Our services includes different ayurvedic therapies such as abhyangam, nasyam, podikizhi, shirodhara, udwarthanam, januvasthi, nethra tharpanam, takradhara, thalapothichil and we have a speciality treatment named Physio-Veda, which is a combination of ayurveda and physiotherapy. It is an ayurvedic approach to the effective management of specific musculoskeletal, neuromuscular and orthopaedic conditions.

The above-said therapies are done with medicated herbal pastes and oils. Ayurvedic treatments can assure you of no side effects since only natural products are used in these therapies. Try an ayurvedic health care treatment and feel the difference.

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