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Natural Remedies With Ayurvedic Health Care For This Dry Season

The hot season alarm started ticking with light sounds. Our body has a numerous mechanisms that keep changing according to the environment and seasonal changes. Keep in mind that your daily tantrums may starts to move with the thermometer reading outside.

Are you prepared to wake up to a hot sunny day?

It is an annoying fact that an ordinary thing like a dry weather could affect our moods. In Ayurveda, it is said to be because of the excess pitta( one of the three doshas, the factors that make all the activities of our mind and body.

When summer waves starts to roll around, we may starts to experience excess body heat, skin rashes, acne, irritability, acidity and mood swings. All they are said to be related with the excess of Pitta.

Ayurveda, the science of life have solutions for all these problems with a wide range of ayurvedic treatment with natural herbal medicines

May and June in particular is the time we face heat at its peak level. Because of the high heat and humidity, you may face issues with eyes, throat and skin.

Being aware of the natural ways to beat this hot season can make you pacify Pitta and will help you to enjoy this dry weather. And it can also ensure that you will not be affected by imbalances that may show up as disorders later.

Do you know the three powerful natural remedies for balancing Pitta?

Ayurlife, an ayurvedic clinic is here before you with some amazing ways to beat this hot weather.

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  1. Have foods that have cooling properties like particular fruits, vegetables, milk, butter, and ghee, and minimize taking hot and spicy dishes.
  2. Begin a cooling lifestyle by engaging in activities that give cooling effects to your mind and body. A cool lifestyle can make you body healthy enough to beat the heat.
  3. Start taking ayurvedic herbs to get rejuvenated with their attributes. Nature has its own healing power to make us refreshed.

Let’s go through our services and know how they could help you

Shiroabhyanga : Hair and scalp treatment with scented herbal oil. It helps to relax the mind and nourishes your hair. Shiroabhyanga has the attributes of abhyangam, the whole body treatment. It can make your body ready to cope with the climatic changes.

Nasyam : Strengthens and purifies the nasal passages. It is used for nasal congestions and allergies, allowing to breathe easily. Nasyam is generally done by pouring medicine into the nasal passage to make it clear. It is done for maintaining a healthy respiratory system.

Mukhalepanam : An ayurvedic facial routine with herbal paste. It helps in calming skin infections by detoxifying and cleansing your skin. Just like what you do at beauty parlour, our staff will give you mukhalepanam with much more benefits than a normal facial at parlour.

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Nethra tharpanam: It is a rejuvenating treatment done for the eyes. It gives a cooling effect that can strengthen your optical nerves. This hectic season may harm your eyes. You may get irritated or feel itchiness with dirt and heat. This can be completely cured with nethra tharpanam.

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Thalapothichil: It is a therapy done to reduce body heat and for promoting sleep. Ayurvedic herbal paste is applied on the head for inducing a soothing effect. This makes you relaxed and refreshed and will give you sufficient sleep to maintain proper health.

Lepanam: Medicated herbal paste is applied to the body for curing skin diseases. This therapy has a cooling effect to make the body relaxed and reduce inflammatory conditions.

Try out these ayurvedic therapies and make this season more active.

Why Ayurlife?

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Ayurlife is an Indian traditional ayurvedic clinic bestowed with a team of professionally qualified and experienced ayurvedic medicine practitioners. We provide customized treatments according to the body type. We have a specialty treatment called Physio-Veda, which synergises the attributes of physiotherapy and Ayurveda. We are providing more than 30 different kinds of therapies for different purposes.

Do you feel that you need some energy to get prepared for this hot season?

Reach us at Ayulife Ayurvedic and our qualified staff will provide you with the best of everything. You will be assisted by our doctors to choose the correct therapy for your body.

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