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Nourish your eyes with Nethra tharpanam treatment

Now that the COVID-19 has made us work from home, all of us spend around one-third of our of total time on computers, laptop, smartphones, etc. This is the same for children undergoing online classes. Until the current situation gets over, this alternative way will be the preferred choice for quite some time.

Sitting in front of the computer screen for extended periods is not good for our body, especially the eyes. The overuse of computer screens leads to insomnia, stress, dryness, strain, burning hot sensation in our eyes and maybe diminished vision. 

Netra Tharpanam

By opting for a nourishing session of Ayurlife’s Netra tharpanam benefits, your eyes will be rejuvenated and less irritant. In this blog, we explain why you must opt for a nethratharpanam treatment asap. By the way, if you feel your eyes irritating, never rub them with your hands, just go wash your face with cold water.

What is this treatment?

As the name suggests, it is an effective ayurvedic treatment that is meant to soothe your eyes, relieve pains and prolong better health. It involves pouring a herbal concoction made using ghee mixed with ayurvedic herbs onto a pre-constructed organic frame that is placed over the eyes. The benefits of this treatment are immense. As most of us lead a busy life, opting for Netra tharpanam benefits helps the eyes stay healthy in the long run.

A connected procedure

Although we were told that it involves pouring the mixture onto the eyes, here we tell how it is really done. The person lies down on their head facing upwards. After that, the person gets a massage on the head, eyes, and face. This makes the person feel calm. After the massage, a circular frame made using either black gram paste or wheat flour is placed over the eyes by the therapist. It is followed by the pouring of warm ghee into the frame over the eyes. The ghee is usually combined with natural medicinal herbs that promote increased healing properties. To avoid the mixture to enter the eyes all of a sudden, they are kept closed.

After pouring the ghee, the patient is told to open and close their eyes slowly. Through this action, the mixture gets soaked into the eyes. When it comes to duration, the whole procedure takes about 15-25 minutes. Nethra tharpanam treatment can extend up to 5 days depending upon the severity of the issue.

Netra Tharpanam

Ayurlife is the right choice

The ideal place for getting done is an Ayurveda Singapore clinic of course, but you have to make sure that it is a reputed one. There are many well-known ayurvedic clinics in Singapore providing nethra tharpanam procedures with utmost care and commitment. When making a choice, it has to be the right one because the clinic offers ayurvedic treatments doesn’t mean their services will be great.

Ayurlife is one such reputed ayurvedic medical clinic when it comes to quality treatments. Here we provide nethratharpanam treatment along with other ayurvedic treatments. They are Shirodhara, nasyam, podikizhi and much more. All our services are done by qualified ayurvedic doctors and therapists. If you want to feel and experience the traditions of authentic ayurvedic practices, come to Ayurlife and consult with our professionals. Stay healthy and live healthily.

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