Get ready for an Ayurvedic staycation

Have you ever returned exhausted after hectic working days? Take a rejuvenating trip to the Ayurveda, rather spending your leisure time in a blur of a journey for refreshment.


There will not be anyone who had a craving for a holiday. It’s really boring if we are stuck with daily hectic works. What if we could enjoy a vacation without leaving our country and that could make us feel fresh?

Health is the greatest bestow we ever get from our mother nature. Make it delightful with the aesthetic power of Ayurveda. Plan at least some hours for a refreshing staycation in your homeland.


Ayurlife can help you with the holistic approach for a healthy and happy life. The healing energy of nature is the vital focus behind ayurvedic therapies.

Ayurlife is specialised in Physio-Veda, a perfect blend of physiotherapy and ayurvedic to get the best result for the ideal relief from specific musculoskeletal, neuromuscular and orthopaedic conditions.

Physiotherapy is always considered to be the best physical therapy for ortho related complains.

Do something out of the normal vacation plans. Explore the one-hour natural therapies.

Get known about the therapies


The term means the application of oil, and commonly known as ayurvedic oil massage. It should be done using specialized strokes and other massage techniques for better results. Proper therapy will help in eliminating impurities in your body, reducing your body weight, making skin smooth and soft and also reduces the ageing signs. It takes about 55 minutes to complete the therapy.


It involves pouring medicated oils over the forehead to relieve the symptoms of mental conditions such as anxiety, stress, fatigue and hypertension. It also helps to get rid of tension, worry, fear, headache and even mental tensions like depression. The calming effect produced by Shirodhara helps in having deep sleep.



Takradhara helps in treating fatigue by reducing stress and anxiety and also increases blood flow to the brain. This relaxation therapy is useful in treating Psoriasis, hypertension, lack of sleep/insomnia as well as migraine/headaches. Buttermilk which is luxurious with cooling properties is the main medical agent in this therapy.


This particular hair and scalp treatment is significantly performed with scented herbal oil to nourish the hair, relax the mind and to release tension in the head, neck and upper back area.


Podikizhi treatment is very helpful in reducing deeprooted tensions which are caused to muscles by strengthening the muscle tissues. The therapy will increase blood circulation and loosens built up toxins.



This therapy is done with scented herbal oils which will help in purifying and strengthening the nasal passages and allow easy breathing. It is normally meant for allergies and is an ideal remedy for sinusitis, headaches and migraine.

Nethra Tharpanam

This is an eye relaxing therapy which soothes the eyes and the face massage will provides refreshment to the surrounding issues. It is highly recommended for one who suffer from strained and tired eyes.


Januvasti is a time-tested ayurvedic approach generally meant for chronic knee pain treatment, inflammation and injury. Ayurvedic oils are retained over a long time on the affected area. And then it is followed by gentle an ayurvedic massage or Abhyanga.



It can be considered as an Ayurvedic facial treatment. A face mask of herbal cream will be customised for each client. The facial is done after having an assessment of the skin type of each client. This will helps in improving the complexion of skin like a normal facial and also helps in relieving from skin problems.


Warm medicated herbal oils are poured over the body and an ayurvedic massage is given to the person. It is done for healing physical illness such as fractures and prolonging problems related to muscles. It improves blood circulation and enhances body complexion.

Are you feeling excited about these rejuvenating treatments?

Come and experience the natural refreshment provided by Dr. Lakshmi J.Nair and team.

Apart from the ayurvedic healing approaches, we have many other services like postnatal therapy, which is meant for the wellness of new mothers. The body needs more care and support when being a new mother. Proper nourishment and rest are very essential for their health.

The choice is yours, we have completely customised options for all your refreshment needs.

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