Postnatal Therapy


The postnatal period is always a delicate stage in the lives of mothers and their newborns. But this is usually always neglected or skipped without caution. At Ayurlife, we have specialised staffs in post natal therapy who have expertise in meeting all the needs of a woman after her pregnancy.

The World Health Organization suggests that the mother should not be discharged before 24hrs after the delivery.

Postnatal Therapy

For mothers, pregnancy involves prenatal (before birth) and postnatal therapy (after birth). You can never really be ready for the transitional stage to a motherhood. Post-partum can occur to any mother but some mothers just find it easier to control their anxiety. It can take some time to mothers who find it harder to navigate their way through the whole phase. However, Ayurlife is here to put all your troubles to cease.

While prenatal care works on the therapy measures before the birth of the baby, postnatal focuses on those months after the birth of the baby. After the birth of the baby, it is only natural that the mother goes through a lot of emotional and physical changes in her body. It is very critical for her to be accompanied by someone at this phase. Many new mothers can find it comforting to surround their selves with other mothers.

After the delivery of the baby, the mother will lost a lot of fluids and blood. It becomes very important for her to stay hydrated at all times.

<>Postnatal Therapy

The new mother needs to pay extra attention to what she eats. Since her whole body is on a reset phase. Try not to eat food that requires a lot of digestion. Eating soup can bring warmth and make you feel good inside. It is okay to pamper yourself with frequent massages. Ayurveda uses a lot of herbal oils customized for your care.

Try sleeping a lot as it can help calm your systems and make you feel more relaxed. Your body requires sufficient rest as possible you may get. All of your vital functions require sleep as a core element.

Post natal therapy is not essentially the physical care given to the mother, but more importantly the mental well-being so she does not later fall into depression. Post natal therapy should be an extension of the care given during pregnancy.


Hair Loss

On an average basis, 90% of your hair is in its growing stage, whereas the rest 10% is in its resting phase, which eventually fall out, and make way for new hair.

Postnatal Therapy

During pregnancy, most of your hair goes into the resting phase which leads to a lot of hair fall. Different bodies react differently, so it is unlikely that all mothers experience the same. In such situations, be sure to get the hair fall treatment from our center for maximum results.

Postpartum depression

This has become very much common among the young pool of mothers now. As your body faces a rush of hormonal changes, it is only natural to overthink during this stage. It may lead to sleepless nights, stress and overthinking. Constant care is always advisable during this phase. In worst cases, it is also advisable to visit a support group or talk to other new mothers regarding the same.

Stretch Marks

During delivery, your body needs to grow enough to push a human being out. So your body accordingly adjusts by stretching. Stretch marks can be faded if you stay hydrated, and apply coconut oil and by resorting to various natural remedies.

Uterus Infection

This is possible if all the placenta did not exit from your body during delivery. This can be treated with appropriate care during its early stages.


Since a lot of pressure is exerted during delivery, it can cause stress in the abdomen areas, leading to constipation, and sometimes even haemorrhoids.

Postnatal Therapy

It is also very common for new mothers to face lower back issues during the initial recovery stage, and it is advisable to get the physiotherapy treatment for back pain from our outlet.

We here at Ayurlife empathize with your needs and necessities as a new mother, and are here to guide you throughout your new and exciting journey. With this therapy you will feel grounded again, and gain some relaxation from this hectic period.

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Postnatal Therapy

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