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Achieve and maintain balance with Shirodhara and Abhyanga in Ayurveda

It was really a great challenge to transplant the natural ayurvedic medications from Kerala to Singapore without losing their uniqueness. But there was no option left as the demand for the same increased. The number of cases of people who are struggling from stress and sleeping disorders has tremendously increased over the last few years. Now they are considered a normal social phenomenon. The competition for perfection and survival is breaking all the benchmarks today. This intensified the change in work culture which is not a positive one. Increased stress is making life miserable for the affected one and for the people who are related to them. If proper attention is not given at the required time, things can go worse. Considering the visible and hidden dangers of this issue, Ayurlife is offering Shirodhara Ayurveda treatment with abhyanga as a natural method to provide some relief. Let’s go through the details

Shirodhara therapy and its benefits

The name of the therapy itself gives an insight into the procedure of the treatment. If we split the word, “Shiro” means head and “Dhara” means to pour. Shirodhara in Ayurveda involves gently pouring the herbal oil over the center portion of the forehead in a uniform and continuous manner. The medicated herbal oil for this procedure is prepared only after a detailed analysis of the dosha imbalance of the patient. Reasons for stress and sleeplessness are numerous. Among that, a stressful work conditions can be the main one. You can guess what will happen to our productivity if we are not getting enough sleep. Apart from this, an increased amount of stress can cause hair fall and it is a serious matter of concern for a lot. Some of them may even fall into depression which may affect their relationship with their family and friends.

Undergoing Shirodhara ayurvedic treatment can relieve the symptoms of anxiety, stress, fatigue, and hypertension. A uniform pouring of the medicated herbal oil to the forehead will relieve all your stress and make your body and mind relaxed. The therapy performed by experts will increase your concentration and bring you quality sleep. It will help to calm down your nervous system. The medicated herbal oil treatment will rejuvenate the body and improve blood circulation. The implementation of natural ayurvedic Shirodhara therapy will improve the memory power and sleep quality of the individuals. It enhances the concentration level and can even treat insomnia. The application of medicated herbal oil will make the hair follicles stronger and reduce hair loss. For all the people who are passing through a stage of stress, anxiety disorders, and sleeping disorders, Shirodhara ayurvedic therapy can be a real blessing.

Shirodhara therapy near me

We cannot downplay the dangerous effects and consequences driven by stress anymore. This is not a single disease but a condition that can contribute to various ailments and mess up your personal life. Fortunately, Ayurveda is offering a way out of this situation through natural remedies. Shirodhara in Ayurveda available in Ayurlife can give a completely rejuvenating experience for both your mind and body by relaxing the nerves. Through a systematic approach, our expert staff will help you to enjoy quality sleep. A proper counseling session will be provided for the patient by our experts to prepare him mentally for the treatment. individuals are recommended to bring their previous medical documents at the time of consultation. Complete cooperation from the patient is expected in terms of diet and medications for achieving maximum results. For further information please contact us at any time. Experience our Shirodhara ayurvedic treatment and start enjoying a happy life.


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