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What you need to know about a ​ Shirodhara procedure

Having difficulty getting sleep?

Or is your mind and body stressed out? If it is then you need to read this blog from the  start to the end. The problems such as lack of sleep, stress, etc are not generally good for the person’s body and mind. All it creates is a faster window for the eventual formation of diseases and other ailments. Although there are modern medicines for these issues, some of them might have side effects.

One of the ancient medical systems in the world, Ayurveda has the right solutions for all issues caused by human ailments. In this blog, we explain one of the celestic ayurvedic procedure, Shirodhara.

What is a ​ Shirodhara procedure​ ?

It is a very popular and ancient ​ ayurvedic therapy that involves pouring of lukewarm medicinal liquids infused with herbs in a continuous stream on the forehead of the person for a certain period of time. Shirodhara, derived from the words “Shiro” means head & Dhara means pouring of liquid.

Shirodhara Procedure

The benefits of a Shirodhara treatment are huge as it reduces stress, and anxiety promotes sleep, soothes the nervous system, and calms the mind and body. It is also said to assist in relieving PTSD, hypertension, jet lag, etc.

How is it done

The first stage of a ​ Shirodhara procedure is getting a body massage, also known as abhyangam. After the massage is over, the person lies down (supine position) such that the forehead falls right under the Shirodhara pot. The oil flows out of the pot onto the forehead in a rhythmic way.
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The treatment duration takes about 30-60 minutes depending on the person’s health condition. During the treatment, we ask the person to cover their eyes. The medicated oil is poured on the forehead in an oscillating way. This ensures that the oil reaches all sides of the forehead, after which it flows through the scalp. After pouring the oil, this creates a vibration effect on the forehead by the pressure of the oil. After saturating the forehead & scalp the oil penetrates into the nervous system. This, in turn, promotes blood circulation.

Since it minimizes the level of hormones such as adrenaline, it provides relief from anxiety & stress disorders. The entire procedure enables the body, mind, and nervous system to achieve a peaceful state of mind. This is something like the effect of taking meditation.

The Focal point

Do you know why practitioners pour the oil directly on the forehead?

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Our forehead is a vital point where there are a large number of nerve endings. In Ayurveda, the area around the forehead is known as ‘Ajna marma’. Stimulating the Ajna marma leads to an expansion of our awareness. This is an egoless state, during which we become connected with our subconscious mind.

The Types

The main highlight of this procedure is that there are many variations available. The difference will be the liquid used for pouring which can be either oil, milk, or water. The following section describes some of the types of Shirodhara treatment.

Taila Dhara
In this procedure, the practitioner pours medicated oils into the forehead of the person. The preparation of the oils is carefully done as per the person’s body type & climate.

Takra Dhara
Instead of oil, buttermilk (takra) infused with medicinal herbs is used for pouring purposes. The preparation of the oil involves mixing buttermilk and recommended herbs.

Ksheera dhara (Dugada dhara)
As the name implies, milk is the main ingredient used for pouring purposes. The milk is a combination of relevant herbs like sandalwood, camphor or vetiver roots. This gives a soothing effect and a calm state for the mind.

Although, sesame oil is the ideal one for a Shirodhara. Depending on the type of person, we use different types of oil mixtures:

Who should avoid it

Even though the Shirodhara has many benefits for the body, the treatment is not suitable for all. Women who are in their third trimester of pregnancy must not do the procedure. Also, those people who have got a rash or sunburn on the forehead or scalp cannot undergo Shirodhara.

Medical injuries such as brain tumour, neck injuries, abrasions or cuts on the head, fever, vomiting, severe weakness, exhaustion, fainting, etc are not recommended for getting the treatment done. It is better to consult with an ​ ayurvedic clinic if you are facing any symptoms. This will make you know if you are eligible for the procedure.

The right choice

The demand for this wonderful procedure is gaining popularity all over the world. There are many hotels and spas that offer these treatments as part of their services. Only the best experienced ​ ayurvedic therapists ​ can deliver the right treatment. In the hands of inexperienced therapists, don’t expect to get the right results. This is bad for your mind & body.

Why choose Ayurlife

Having years of experience performing various Ayurvedic treatments, our medicinal therapies make you relaxed. Our ayurvedic therapies include ​ abhyangam​ , Nasyam, Podikizhi, Udwarthanam, Janu vasti, Netra tharpanam & more.

Apart from that, we also have a specialty treatment named Physio-Veda. This is a combination of Ayurveda and physiotherapy. All our services involve using natural medicated herbal pastes & oils as per Ayurveda. Opt for a ​ Shirodhara treatment today and feel the goodness of authentic Ayurveda.

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