The word Shirodhara originates from two Sanskrit words, Shiro (head) and dhara (flow). Shirodhara treatment is a form of treatment in which warm, herbalized Ayurvedic oil is poured onto your forehead. Shirodhara is a powerful ayurvedic therapy to relieve stress and restore calmness of the mind, with a steady stream of warm medicated oil or buttermilk poured over the third eye on the forehead. we provide the best services in Ayurveda and we can proudly say our people keep sending regards and recommend Ayurlife Ayurvedic PTE limited the best centre to undergo ayurvedic therapies in Singapore we find happiness by seeing them recovering per day.

In addition to essential oils, we can add a variety of Ayurvedic herbs in accordance with the individuals’ medical conditions. Sesame oil is widely used because it’s a relatively neutral oil and mixes well with essential oils, which we use sometimes used to enhance the experience. The major benefit of undergoing Shirodhara therapy is to eliminate toxins, stress, anxiety and to deal with vision problems

Who should undergo Shirodhara massage?

  • Visionary problems
  • Insomnia and depression
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Cognitive abilities

How it’s done.

At the start of the appointment, you will be advised to lie on your back and relax. next, Pouring oil onto your forehead from a suspended vessel may seem easy to hear but in reality, careful precautions have to be taken in terms of medications used and the health of the patient. then it is generally sprinkled onto the forehead and head since this is the only part of the body that has numerous sensitive nerve endings or vital points that are directly connected to the brain. According to several spiritual texts, the center of the forehead is said to be the “third eye”, which is connected to the pineal gland via several blood vessels and capillaries. a warm massage is given before treatment and moves the vessel in such a way that the liquid pours all over the forehead. The excess oil is gently wiped off and a steam bath is given to the client.

Benefits of following Ayurveda after Shirodhara treatment

Improved vision

Eyes are the windows to the soul and yet most people do not pay much regard to their care. Although not applied directly to the eye, the massage with warm herbal oils improves the eye muscles, boosts clarity, and helps a person see better without any glasses.


The benefits of Shirodhara Treatment kick-off as an ideal treatment for reducing high levels of mental stress. It induces calmness, promotes tranquillity, and facilitates relaxation. A single one-hour session of Shirodhara treatment from our therapists may invoke such a powerful relaxation response that the effects of stress can be mitigated for hours or even days.

Reeginites mental creativity

Ayurvedic shirodhara massage produces significant results as a complementary treatment method to allopathy in disorders such as depression, anxiety, and OCD. we use Adaptogens, which are the best herbs that help to normalize the entire metabolism of the body. Ayurveda also has a sub-category of Rasayana which is called medhya (cognitive-enhancers). These herbs are specially recognized for their excellent effect on overall brain functions. our customers show gratitude and special appreciation towards our Brahmis, Ashwagandha,Shangapushpi and Jyothispathi.

Headaches migraines and Neuro illness

Specific herbals, dietary modifications, and lifestyle changes have been utilized for thousands of years to create balance in the system to improve chronic conditions. Shirodhara massage plays an important role in Ayurveda preventing migraines and helping in the balance of neuro conditions too.


Our divine relaxation therapy stretches for 45-60 minutes per sitting. On the basis of the type of ailment or health concern, Shirodhara can be done for a minimum of 7 days to a maximum of 28 days. Appointments are confirmed after the detailed study of the person undergoing the Shirodhara treatment by our certified and experienced therapists and workers.

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