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Read this first before opting for a Shirodhara treatment

Shirodhara treatment is indeed an effective ayurvedic procedure that comes with several benefits for the head, body, and mind. It is one of the most sought treatments for getting long-lasting relief from stress, head pain, migraines, and more. As most people live a stressful lifestyle, it is important to get detoxified and this procedure greatly helps with that. Being a popular treatment, many clinics do the procedure. But it is your responsibility to get it done from a reputed place like Ayurlife.

Why is Shirodhara a big deal?

This is one of the popular ayurvedic treatments preferred by a lot of people worldwide due to its advantages and healing benefits. The Shirodhara ayurveda treatment involves pouring medicated liquid/oil on the forehead of the patient in a rhythmic motion. This is something everyone knows. But do you know the type of oil used in this treatment, or whether it is ideal for your body type? At reputed clinics the experienced practitioners knows the right medicinal combination for the patients. Shirodhara treatment is normally done to treat patients with Vata & Pitta imbalance.

When it comes to choosing the liquid, there’s no right or wrong answer. The preferences normally vary across practitioners. Some use different liquids such as water, coconut water buttermilk along herbs for different effects. In normal cases, most practitioners use sesame oil because it’s a relatively neutral oil and also it mixes well with essential oils. These are sometimes used to enhance the overall experience. Other than sesame oils, some of the other oils that might be used include:

Ksheerabala oil
Coconut oil
Clarified butter

However, not all patients will be okay with all the oil types. Therefore, before opting for the treatment, it is important to tell the practitioner if you are having any allergic reactions to certain oils or herbs. This helps the doctors to provide the treatment better using ingredients suitable for your body. Booking a consultation session with us will help understand your body type and clear all your doubts.

Is the procedure safe for everyone?

If done correctly, Shirodhara ayurveda treatment is pretty safe for people. As the procedure involve pouring the liquid onto the head, it must not be too hot, and careful measures must be taken to avoid the liquid from getting into the eyes. However, for an experienced practitioner at Ayurlife, this shouldn’t be a problem. Even though the treatment has its benefits, it is not eligible for pregnant women, people with unhealed neck injuries or cuts, fever, forehead wounds, nausea, or vomiting.

Shirodhara benefits people suffering from anxiety, stress, hypertension, PTSD, insomnia, headaches, and related issues. The medicated oil helps stimulate the nerves on the forehead and gets absorbed by the skin, which promotes effective healing from the inside. If you are having sensitive skin, it is important to make sure that the oils used for the treatment do not cause any allergies or irritation beforehand.

What are the post-treatment?

As the oil is poured onto the head, it will have to be removed from the hair which can be done using a shampoo and then washing hair. We recommend leading a healthy lifestyle by eating a light diet and drinking warm water. It is wise to avoid oily food items and caffeine for a few days. Even though our Shirodhara treatment provides relief from ailments, the conditions might occur again if the patient reverts to their older lifestyle. This is why it is important to get the treatment done periodically to get permanent results.

Finding the right place

Once you have decided to get a Shirodhara treatment, you have to start looking for the right place around your town. As mentioned in the intro section, it is not wise to choose some random ayurvedic clinic without considering their services, experience, etc. However, with Ayurlife, you don’t have to make a second choice as we are one of the most renowned ayurvedic centres in Singapore. Our ayurvedic services are provided by the best-qualified team of doctors, therapists, and practitioners. We aim to make your health better using organic healing solutions. The services we offer apart from Shirodhara are Abhyanga, Nethra tharpanam, Januvasti, Physio-Veda, and more.

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