Best Ayurvedic Medicine For Skin Disease

Abhyangam + Lepanam

Application of medicated herbal paste on affected parts of the body. It is prepared by blending medicinal herbs and liquids according to the condition of the patient. It is useful for reducing arthritis, inflammatory conditions, skin diseases and eczema. Lepanam is a body scrub that can make the skin smooth, improve blood circulation, manage pain, and remove skin disorders. It is done mainly for relieving inflammatory conditions.

How it benefits your body?

  • It helps body to activate its capacity to purify and heal naturally.
  • It helps in reducing pimples, dark scars and wrinkles.
  • With the medicinal values of the herbal paste, Lepanam helps in providing clean, smooth and glowing skin.
  • The conditions of arthritis can be effectively cured with Lepanam.

Duration: 1 hr| Price: SGD 65.00

5 minutes (excluding the 1 hr) allowance for changing clothes and getting the therapy started.

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