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Allergy Care In Ayurvedic Methods

The word allergy is very familiar to everyone. At the same time, people without any allergic disorders were completely unaware of the difficulties caused by the same. Many of us are downplaying the side effects of allergy considering the fact that it won’t risk your life. But the reality is in some extreme cases it can cause death. Allergy can be defined as the reaction of the immune system of the body against a foreign particle. It’s true that reacting to the harmful particle that enters the body is the function of the immune system. It’s a necessity also. Unfortunately for some people, this reaction is intense and sensitive. This is what we call an allergic disorder. Particles that cause this reaction are called allergens. In most cases, the cause for allergy will be genetics. If a child tends to develop an allergic disorder, he is likely to inherit that trait from his parents. This doesn’t mean that it is the only way to get infected. Exposure to new environments and foods can trigger your allergic conditions. Certain foods like nuts, eggs and milk are found to stimulate the immune system of many affected people A few other contributory elements for allergies are pollen, dust mites, molds, animal dander and latex. Symptoms of allergy differ with individuals and their allergic conditions. If it is related to nasal path, then sneeze, itch and running nose can be the symptoms. In case of eyes it becomes red and watery. Red or brown rashes with itching or inflammation will be visible if it is affected to skin. Despite the numerous conditions and challenges raised by allergy, Ayurveda is showing a way to improve the situation of the affected. Allergy treatments in Ayurveda are considered to achieve higher importance than ever before


As mentioned earlier, in most cases the allergic disorders are related to family history. It’s true that allergies cannot be completely cured. But with proper attention and precautions, the trigger factors of allergy can be controlled. Allergy care through Ayurveda can help you to manage this condition. In the matter of controlling allergic disorders, lifestyle plays a vital role. Proper instructions and lifestyle tips were given by ayurvedic doctors to stay away from trigger factors. Ayurveda describes a proper diet for people who are allergic to certain food items. In some cases, indigestion of food can also cause certain allergies. Specialized therapies in Ayurveda are efficient in improving this condition. Allergy is basically a result of an exaggerated reaction of the immune system. Through the administration of appropriate therapies in Ayurveda by analyzing the dosha imbalance of the patient, the immune system of the patient will be regularised. Apart from this, Lepanam treatment combined with abhyanga is an ideal way in handling skin allergies.