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Ayurlife Provides Effective Januvasti Oil Massage In Singapore

Janu stands for knee and vasti for retention, so from the name itself, we can understand that Januvasti is the oil massage around the knee. The procedure involves the retaining and reserviouring of medicated oil over the knee area within a boundary that is sealed by the dough over a certain period of time.

Ayurlife provides the most comforting oil massage in Singapore by trained therapists with years of experience in Ayurveda. If you experience knee pain at frequent intervals, the chances of it getting worse are pretty high, so it is advisable to do some sessions of Januvasti for relief.

We focus on providing the most conditioning ayurvedic massage therapy sessions to patients with the utmost quality and care. So if you’re looking forward to getting a break from knee joint strains, sprains, or ligament tears, we assure you of our experts’ care and their expertise in the matter. As an Indian traditional Ayurvedic and Marma clinic established in Singapore, Ayurlife treats every patient by detailed history-taking, determination of the basic constitution (body type), physical and systemic examination, and then advises on customized treatment plans for each and every customer.

Januvasti Oil Massage in Singapore

Like any other Ayurvedic massage, Januvasti also depends on the quality of medicated oil and its application to get the desired result. Ayurlife is always keen to maintain its name as the premier Physio-Veda clinic that provides the best oil massage in Singapore. Under the guidance and supervision of Ayurveda experts, Januvasti is carried out on the patients. The primary goal of a Januvasti session is to help the patient recover from knee cap surgery and provide relief from arthritis.

The reason for the frequent knee pain is that an imbalance occurs around the knee area, and to counteract that, Janu Vasti Ayurvedic treatment is done. Januvasti oil massage has numerous advantages, including improved blood supply, relief of swelling and inflammation in the knee joints, and improved patient mobility and flexibility. The entire Januvasti session usually takes around 30–40 minutes, and it can vary for each individual. The best time to perform the session is early in the morning.

The Benefits of Doing Ayurvedic Massage Therapy in Ayurlife

In Ayurlife, each Ayurvedic massage therapy is only carried out after a thorough study of physical and systematic examination. Our team consists of experienced individuals with specializations in each of the treatment segments. At Ayurlife, we believe the core principle of the treatment is personal care for each patient and preparing them for each session by explaining the procedure in detail. Ayurvedic massages improve blood circulation, allowing metabolic waste to be removed quickly and replenish the skin, muscles, and cells.

Ayurlife focuses on food, spices, herbal remedies, bodywork and lifestyle to attain the maximum result for the patient. Each massage therapy is performed by the experts at the latest facility under the latest facility demands.There is a misconception that Ayurveda massage therapy is a time-consuming and slow process, but if you consult any of our specialists and make the necessary lifestyle changes and intake of natural medicines as prescribed, the recovery will be faster and more effective than you expected.

Ayurlife Completes Your Health Life.

Ayurlife Ayurvedic Centre is a reputed health clinic with vast experience and a result-oriented approach to treatment. By providing effective oil massage in Singapore, we have welcomed both domestic and foreign patients. Our team offers services and takes care of patients individually by assisting them with their requirements. If you’re looking for an Ayurvedic massage therapy to get relief from sports injuries, back pain, frozen shoulders, or any stress-related issues, Ayurlife provides you with the best remedies with effective treatment.

Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic Self-care and Healing

Self-care can mean different things to different people. For some, self-care could mean watching a favourite movie, for others it could be reading a self-help book, maybe listening to songs or anything that brings you happiness and peace. Ayurvedic massage therapies have always emphasised self-care not being one dimensional, but instead a holistic set of practices. Therefore, self-care is not only about taking care of our physical wellbeing but also about discovering the connection between physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

Our daily work and activities have normalized our body and mind to always work under stress. gradually it had made us lose touch with experiencing a profound sleep, sheer calmness or something that soothe your brain and mind. Getting exercise, proper diet, sleep, quality conversations are all needed rest helps to achieve that. Ensure you are getting about six to eight hours of undisturbed sleep, which helps in building optimism, confidence, and positive energy. Ayurlife is a team of qualified and well-experienced Ayurvedic physicians who will conduct the clinical assessment including detailed history-taking, determination of the basic constitution (body type), physical and systemic examination and then advice customized treatment plans for each and every customer for Natural Ayurvedic therapy in Singapore

Discovering yourself

There are so many levels to this and how we respond and what we need, it purely varies from person to person. For some of us, the lack of movement may be challenging, and not have social interaction or games; for others, hugs and physical touch is missing the most. We’ve also become aware of how small control we actually have over outdoor events. This was always a fact, but as time changes, we can see it more clearly and it may be despairing. We really can change our attitude and approach towards responding to any situation, and how we see ourselves. Our Experienced trainers combined with our ideal healing atmosphere is one of the best centres for Natural Ayurvedic therapy in Singapore

Ayurvedic massage therapies and practices can support us by helping us create an effective schedule, diet and sleep. When our body knows it’s being fed properly, getting rest, and movement at fixed times, we feel safer and healthy. We can then have better focus, understanding and perform better in our daily tasks. Restless sleep, anxiety, mood swings and depression are very common in the midst of uncertainty and change. Incorporating routines such as meditation, breathing practices, yoga, nutritious meals and sleep can make any person happy and most importantly a positive attitude towards life!

Happier and Healthier lifestyle

Ayurvedic practices can only make your lives better, natural herbs and extracts are used in ayurvedic and its treatments don’t harm you or have any side effects as well! You can start by just paying attention to what makes you happy and what works for you from the beginning of our course with the best Natural Ayurvedic therapy in Singapore. How different foods, people, situations and experiences make you feel, just sort out what makes you happy and what bothers you as well. We’re passing and getting huge information every day, Ayurveda teaches us to focus and deal with managing our daily life and sorting out complex thoughts at ease. Anything that makes you happy, practicing Ayurveda make it better by getting rid of distractions from the TV or phone. It’s definitely not a quick fix, it’s a long term solution that will be sustainable to the end of your days.

Why should people choose Ayurveda?

The principles of Ayurveda can be easily applied and maintained to all walks of life, Easiest is to incorporate because it is a slow process into daily life starting with one or two changes and then we can find gradual increase and see for ourselves. You only need to find a few more minutes in daily life, a bit of sorting out in meals and finding time for exercise. This way of Life with Ayurvedic massage therapies will actually make your routine more peaceful and lifestyle choices much easier and more enjoyable when discovering how to truly care for yourself. It can mean waking up an hour earlier, getting deeper sleep, eating at a different time than you’re used to and any games or practice that bring you joy or discover your true self and awareness of yourself.

Shiro Abhyanga Treatment

Hidden benefits of undergoing a Shiro Abhyanga massage

First of all Shiro abhyanga is the combination of Shirodhara and abhyanga massage types in Ayurveda which mainly focus on the upper part of our body which includes our head, neck, and shoulders, Shirodhara is an ayurvedic procedure in which herbal oil is poured and then massaged with a certain rhythm according to the person’s medical condition and abhyanga in Ayurveda simply refers to a massage.

Even though the benefits of Shirodhara and Shiro abhyanga seem similar, they are completely different in terms of herbs, oils, targeted places, and procedures too. Shiro abhyanga therapy can be done after the detailed study and analysis of the medical condition only.

Introduction to Shiro Abhyanga massage

Shiro abhyanga treatment in Ayurveda treats our body like a tree and considers our head as roots. Shiro abhyanga mainly focuses on the central nervous system,hair-fall, vision, degenerative and inflammatory diseases, and sense organs. first, the person who opts for this therapy is observed, studied, and analyzed by our certified therapists, and later, in accordance with the conditions suitable herbs and oil is created in our facilities under proper guidance, even though targeted parts of both Shirodhara and Shiro abhyanga seem similar they completely vary with the herbal oils thus creates a massive difference in the outcome.

Shiroabhyanga Massage

Stages of Shiro Abhyanga massage

Shiro Abhyanga therapy can be classified into mainly 4 procedures according to the targeted body parts and massaging techniques and they are

  • Head massage
  • Neck massage
  • Shoulder massage
  • Forehead massage

The treatment starts with applying our herbal oil over the heads and then we will start by gentle massage all over and then we will focus on the marma points.

Ayurveda determines that there are around 107 Marma points in our body, where 12 are classified as Padu Marmas (vital life centers), and the majority of these marmas exist in the head and neck region, showing the importance of the upper body and their roles are to our physio-psychological functioning.

Shiro Abhyanga therapy and Marmas

  • Adhipati: located 8 finger-widths above the eyebrows in the center of the skull.
  • Simantaka: 12 finger-widths above the eyebrows on the skull
  • Krikatika:  2 points located on either side of the first cervical vertebrae behind the head
  • Vidhuram: behind both ears, just behind the earlobes.
  • Shankha: both sides of the forehead between the end of the eyebrow and the hairline 
  • Adhipati: located 8 finger-widths above the eyebrows in the center of the skull.
  • Simantaka: Located 12 finger-widths above the eyebrows
  • Krikatika: These are 2 points located on either side of the first cervical vertebrae behind the head 
  • Vidura: behind both ears, just behind the earlobes.
  • Shankha: both sides of the forehead between the end of the eyebrow and the hairline (temples).

Ayurveda gives importance to every part of our body equally and it’s considered as a lifestyle to bring balance to mind, body, and soul. Both Shirodhara and abhyanga play a major role in ayurvedic treatment hence they have their specialities. Shiro abhyanga therapy in Ayurveda focuses on main marmas thus helping in rejuvenating the central nervous systems and sense organs. But Shiro abhyanga has many other benefits too. This therapy helps in hair loss, vision, inflammations, insomnia, and a lot more.

Duration of the treatment

Shiro Abhyanga massage usually takes 30 minutes and it may go up to one hour according to the medical condition of the patient and the course also differs according to the depth of the illness.


Ayurlife ayurvedic is an Indian traditional ayurvedic clinic established in 2018. The unprecedented growth of individual counts and positive reviews has been noticed in the immunity portfolio during the period of 2018 till now and we are more than happy to officially announce that our clients are feeling better as well. Our team of qualified and well-experienced Ayurvedic physicians will conduct the clinical assessment including detailed history-taking, determination of the basic constitution (body type), physical and systemic examination and then advice customized treatment plans for each and every customer.

Ayurlife offers the most authentic and traditional herbal treatment sessions which use completely natural and organic ingredients. our ancient remedies stand the test of time in healing a range of common and everyday health problems

Ayurvedic Treatment Singapore


Regain Your Confidence By Getting Rid Of Your Backaches

Kativasti is a special type of low back therapy or lumbar therapy in Ayurveda. ” Kati ” stands for low back or waist and Vasti means containing or retaining something in you. As an effective Ayurvedic lumbosacral rejuvenation therapy, we use hot oil or herbal decoction for the best relief. Vasti is the procedure in Ayurveda where the heat of medicated oils is considered as an active ingredient which when applied to the targeted area alleviates the pain. Kativasti in Ayurveda is a traditional treatment effective for lower backache and disorders of the lumbosacral region, including slip disc, lumbar spondylosis, sciatica, spinal problems, etc. It is a very safe, non-invasive, and green category procedure in ayurvedic that helps in achieving a balanced state of body, mind, and consciousness, Ayurveda prescribes purificatory effects for the cleansing of the body toxins. Kativasti, a part of the pre-operative therapy in Ayurveda prior to Panchakarma is also a very effective treatment for lower backache. The lower waist area of the body gets the best relief by  Holding warm ayurvedic oils on it as it involves retention of warm and thick medicated oil all over the lower back along with the parts of the spine for a certain period of time. Ayurlife have experienced ayurvedic trainers and we are one of the leading ayurvedic clinics in Singapore delivering delicate care for our clients,

Our Kativasti Procedure :

  • A medical dough is prepared from a mixture of black gram flour or whole wheat flour and water.
  • Medicated herbs are selected depending on the medical conditions and the state of the Doshas of the person.
  • The person is made to lie face down on our Massage Table.
  • A reservoir made of black gram dough is built around the lumbosacral area which is made into a ring up to four to five inches in diameter placed over the lumbosacral area of the spine.
  • After that we glue with some water in order to make it leak proof, Ensuring leak-proof, a lukewarm medicinal oil of around 200-300 ml is slowly poured into it. When this cools down it is squeezed out and replaced with a warmer one.
  • The temperature of the oil is maintained by reheating and continuously adding more oil. The oil is kept on for 30-40 minutes.
  • At the end of the procedure, the glued dough is removed followed by a gentle massage is given over the area. then the person is made to take a rest for a while.

Duration and course of kativasti treatment :

The duration of the treatment is about 30 to 45 minutes and it may go up to an hour based on the study and analysis of the history and medical conditions of the patient. The kativasti course is also considered according to the health conditions of the person but it takes normally 7 to 20 days for best results.

Benefits of kativasti treatment

People have witnessed the effects and curing benefits of kativasti in Ayurveda as herbal oils used in deep tissue herbal massage. Our medical herbs and oils benefit in deep cleansing and circulation of the blood, enhance the strength of muscles, and lubricate the joints keeping them flexible and pain-free. Kati Vasti is an effective treatment in Ayurveda with back pain relief as the nerves are nourished with warm oils relieving the person from pain and numbness. in simple words, the benefit of Kati Vasti is back pain relief with an energized feeling and there are other benefits too and they are :.

  • Pacifies Vata Dosha
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improved blood circulation around the lumbosacral area
  • Removes rigidity and spasm of muscles around the lumbosacral region
  • Nourishment and strengthening the bones, connective tissues, ligaments, nerves, muscles of the lumbosacral region
  • Lubricating  the joints
About us

Our team of qualified and experienced Ayurvedic physicians who deliver exceptional Ayurvedic treatment Singapore conducts the clinical assessments including followed by detailed history-taking, determination of the basic constitution, health conditions, physical and systemic examination, and then advise customized treatment plans for each and every person.

Nurture yourself with Shirodhara treatment in Ayurveda


The core of Ayurveda is yourself. It’s the journey or betterment of yourself. we all know that  Ayurvedic medicine is one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems ever practiced. Ayurveda has a history of more than 3,000 years in south India itself. Ayurvedic tradition and treatment include herbal wisdom and therapies for healing, helping, and managing chronic and acute conditions by following dietary and lifestyle suggestions to prevent illness by optimizing vitality. Yoga and meditation are in Ayurvedic help in relieving stress and rejuvenating the mind, body, and spirit. Ayurlife is one of the leading Shirodhara treatment in Singapore for quality massage services, yoga sessions, and health awareness classes. We are a group of health care professionals who strongly believe in the motto that health and wellness depend on the balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Our ultimate goal is in promoting good health by providing quality services in ayurvedic treatments and Shirodhara ayurvedic treatment sessions. When something disrupts the balance whether physical, mental, or spiritual you feel ill. Among the factors that can distort this balance such as genetic, injuries, atmospheric conditions, age, and emotions. The goal of our ayurvedic treatment is to cleanse your body of undigested food, which can stay in your body and lead to illness. Shirodhara therapy is a classical Ayurvedic therapeutic procedure that is highly suggested and practiced all over the world for its benefits. Shirodhara treatment in Singapore from experienced professionals helps in balancing Vata Dosha in the body, especially when targeted places such as head and neck regions. It’s also a quick and powerful way to calm the mind in a deep way with effective support for promoting sound sleep.

Whom should go for a Shirodhara treatment in Ayurveda

  • Anxiety and stress disorders
  • Dry skin and facial paralysis
  • Hair loss and vision problems
  • Eye issues
  • Stammering
  • Chronic cough
  • Facial paralysis
  • Physical stiffness
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Cervical spondylosis

Shirodhara Session and Procedures

Our typical Shirodhara session starts from a minimum of 30 minutes and can extend to an hour depending on individuals’ medical condition. our Shirodhara course did daily for 3, 7, 14, or up to 28 days to get the most benefits. Our experienced Ayurvedic practitioners decide both the duration of each Shirodhara session and the number of days it lasts after the proper study and analysis of the patient’s history and small details. Other factors that affect our Shirodhara therapy are age, constitution, dominant dosha, and severity of past diseases. Before undergoing the Shirodhara ayurvedic treatment procedure, the individual or person is given a gentle head massage or targeted body massage with oil, which is also known as abhyanga in Ayurveda. Then the or is she is instructed to lie down on their back on our massage table and then he or she will be adjusted accordingly. Oils used in Shirodhara therapy play a major role in the illness and they are usually warmed into a liquid state, used alone, mixed with oil, water, or milk. There are many types of oils in Shirodhara treatments and each of them varies according to the illness which the person in suffering

  • Kshirabala Oil
  • Chandanadi Oil
  • Dhanwantaram
  • Oil Maha Narayana
  • Oil Brahmi Oil
  • Lakshadi Oil
  • Balaswagandhadi Oil

There are other 100 % natural herbal oils that are used as a combination with Milk

  • Buttermilk
  • Coconut water
  • Dashmoolakashaya
  • Decoction of Yashtimadhu

Warm herbal oil is poured from a height of about 8 to 10 centimeters in a rhythmic stream. The stream will be about the thickness of the littlest finger. Our skilled practitioner will move the Shirodhara vessel in such a way as to ensure that the liquid is poured all over the forehead. After the massage session, The oil is gently wiped off and then the individual will go for a steam bath. At the end of our Shirodhara treatment, medical powders like rasnadi will be rubbed on the head. You are not allowed out in the wind or cold for at least 24 hours after Shirodhara treatment.

Things To Look Out For Before The Treatment

If you have any history of health issues, you should not opt for a Shirodhara ayurvedic treatment.

  • Fever
  • Vasculitis
  • Glaucoma
  • Meningitis Encephalitis
  • Conjunctivitis Brain tumors
  • Abscesses.


Light digestible food is recommended on the days of our course. The person is advised not to take stomach full. Fried, oily, and refrigerated foods should be completely avoided. Hot water should be used for drinking and bathing purposes to get the best results.

About us

Ayurlife is an Indian traditional Ayurvedic and Marma clinic established in Singapore. Our passionate team of Qualified and experienced Ayurvedic physicians conducts the clinical assessment including detailed history-taking, study and analysis, determination of the body type, physical and systemic examination, and then advice customized treatment plans for each and every customer.