Knee Pain Treatment


The human body will undergo weakness with aging which is unavoidable. From losing strength to certain pain over different parts of the body , everything is common. Most people will get adjusted to this situation as time passes. But in some cases, the pain will become unbearable. It may even start to impair us from doing our daily activities. Among all the types of body pain, knee pain is a little bit more critical and can be treated with a knee pain treatment

This is because it will restrict us from traveling. Don’t have an assumption that knee pain is affected for aged people alone. A lot of youngsters suffering from knee pain are visible these days. If the knee pain becomes severe, it will create a situation where we may have to depend on others even for our basic needs.

To provide relief to all those concerns, Ayurlife is offering Januvasti therapy for knee pain in Singapore. Let’s get into the details.


Reasons for the occurrence of knee pain are countless. As mentioned earlier, aging is one of the most predominant factors. Employment that requires a lot of repeated actions of the knee joints may eventually result in pain. Athletes and other sportspeople who undergo rigorous training regularly are also at risk of knee pain. An accident of any physical injuries can also pave the way for this situation.

Despite the reasons, the difficulties caused by this situation are tremendous. It may seem to be very handy in the beginning. If proper attention is not given at the relevant times, things may go harder than thought. Most people get ready to take knee pain treatment only when it becomes unbearable. But within that time limit, the situation may go out of control.

Don’t worry. Ayurveda is ready to provide relief for those people who are struggling with this knee pain. Januvasti therapy provided by Ayurlife has proved to be a successful remedy for this situation. The therapy procedure involves retaining the medicated oil or ghee in the knee area for a specific period of time. The herbal oil for the treatment is prepared by analyzing the dosha imbalance of the body.

The benefits of undergoing a Januvasti treatment are numerous. It relieves the pain in the knee joint by lubricating it. This will helps to reduce the friction caused by the movement of the joint bones. The swelling, stiffness and inflammation in the knee area are addressed during this therapy. It will strengthen the joint and soothes the nerves in the knee area. Apart from these, certain conditions of osteoarthritis and post-surgical distress will be improved by this therapy. A proper Januvasti therapy will improve the blood circulation and mobility of your knee joint.


For all the people who are suffering from knee pain, Ayurveda is providing a natural remedy of healing. Januvasti therapy offered by Ayurlife is considered as a wise choice for healing the joint pain of the knee and related ailments. With a systematic diagnosis, we will find out the dosha imbalance of the patient and prepare relevant medicines. All our staff are extremely professional and committed to producing maximum results for the time spend.

A proper counseling session will be provided by our staff for the patient in order to prepare him/her mentally for the treatment. patients are advised to produce their previous treatment documents at the time of consultation if there are any. Complete cooperation of the patient is expected in terms of medicine and food during the course. For more information contact us and fix an appointment today itself. 

benefits of Takradhara



Exceedingly rising cases of increased stress have become a social phenomenon. Besides this, a drastic change and exposure to an unhealthy environment is also a topic of discussion. Both of these conditions remained ignored for years as they acted as a slow poison. But now the situations are changing.

          The uncontrollable stress and change in food habits have welcomed diseases like hypertension and migraine. An irregular sleep cycle evolved as a part of a switch in work culture has can also contribute to migraine. For people who have a tendency to develop hypertension, the consumption of alcohol and a sodium-rich diet can be triggering factors. Studies show that people who are overweight are likely to have hypertension.

          Apart from this, an escalation of psoriasis cases is also a matter of discussion. Psoriasis is a skin disorder developed because of the faster regeneration of cells. This will result in red patches with silvery scales, dry skin with itching etc. Numerous categories of disorders are listed under the label of psoriasis. A cold or dry weather condition and severe sunburn can stimulate the psoriasis condition. In addition to this, a highly stressful atmosphere at work or home will increase the risk of this disease.

          For all the above-mentioned diseases, people will think about a medical consultation only after they victimize a hike in their situation. To provide relief for those people, Ayurlife is offering Takradhara treatment for psoriasis, hypertension and migration. Let’s understand more about this.


Takradhara in Ayurveda is one of the efficient treatment methods for improving stress and skin-related diseases. The word ‘Takra’ means buttermilk and ‘Dhara’ means to pour. It can be done over the head or any affected body part.

          Through the application of medicated buttermilk, mental stress of the patient will be reduced. Along with migraine, all the sleeping disorders and even insomnia will be addressed by this treatment. A combination of Takradhara with abhyanga will stimulate the internal organs and boost the immune system.

          Apart from reducing stress and headache, it has other benefits like preventing indigestion. For the people who are tensed about greying of hair, Takradhara can be an ideal choice. By the application of medicated buttermilk with abhyanga, the blood circulation to the brain will be stimulated which can distant you from migraine.

          The medicated buttermilk for the treatment will be prepared only after a detailed analysis of the dosha imbalance of the patient’s body. All our staff are well experienced and committed to improving your present painful condition and provide you a happy life.


Ayurlife is throwing rays of hope to all  people who are suffering from serious conditions of hypertension, migraine and psoriasis. Apart from this, benefits of Takradhara treatment are countless which includes reinforcing the lost balance of your life cycle. The cooling effect provided by medicated buttermilk will induce sleep and relieve all your stress

          Proper counseling sessions will be provided by our doctors to prepare the patient mentally for the treatment. All the food restrictions and the medications to be followed will be described in detail by our staff. With years of experience and expertise in the field of traditional Indian treatment methods, Ayurlife proved to be a treasure for a lot.

              Ayurlife can bring a change for all the people who are ready to cooperate sincerely with our procedures. For more information, please feel free to reach us.


Treat joint inflammation & pain with Ayurlife’s osteoarthritis treatment

One of the most common forms of arthritis affected in people worldwide is Osteoarthritis. Those affected with this disease exhibit various symptoms ranging from minor discomfort, severe pain and poor quality of life. Being a degenerative disease, it usually affects the various joints in the body such as hands, knees, hips, and spine. The after-effects of osteoarthritis as it worsens causes emotional pain, decreasing mobility, inability to do daily activities and enjoy a normal life. However, all these can be changed by opting for our natural osteoarthritis treatment.

What exactly is Osteoarthritis?

For those of you who don’t know, this is a chronic degenerative joint disease that results in the breakdown of joint cartilage and causes inflammation. We all know that the bone ends in our joints are protected with a layer of cartilage. This little guy keeps the bones from rubbing from each other and helps with movement. When a person gets affected with osteoarthritis, the cartilage cushioning loses its elasticity and gradually wears away.

Once the cartilage gets deteriorated, the bones begin to rub against each other which causes pain, stiffness, inflammation, and eventually limited mobility. Inflammation, putting stress on the joints, cellular disorders, maintaining an obese lifestyle are considered some of the factors that cause osteoarthritis. However, in Ayurveda, the root cause of all diseases is an imbalance in the doshas or elements.


Switching to Ayurvedic Approaches

The typical osteoarthritis treatment and therapies generally consist of minimizing the pain and controlling the inflammation. The medications provided are at best moderately effective and sometimes, there can be side effects that sometimes can be life-threatening. The ultimate treatment usually done for this disease is joint replacement surgery which is costly and comes with risks. Ayurveda on the other hand focus on preventing the occurrence of disease through natural therapies and medications. Since Ayurveda is considered safe and natural, there are no side effects if the treatment is done at a reputed ayurvedic clinic.

With moderate effectiveness and risks associated with surgeries, the patients are transitioning to alternative therapies such as Ayurveda. Over the years, Ayurveda has shown promising results in treating inflammatory osteoarthritis without the need for joint replacement surgeries. What makes them superior to conventional treatments is that they prevent the progression of the disease by identifying the root cause of the disease and focus on eliminating the problem thereby improving health.

Our Treatments

As mentioned earlier that dosha imbalances are the cause of various illnesses and diseases. Vata imbalance is considered the case of Osteoarthritis in Ayurveda. When Vata dosha gets impaired in any of the joints, this results in the degeneration of cartilage. Our treatments involve identifying the Vata dosha imbalance and provide medications that eliminate the underlying cause of the disease. At Ayurlife, our pizhichil ayurveda treatment provides natural relief to this condition. The procedure involves dipping a cloth into a warm medicated oil mixture and squeezing the oil in the affected area along with simultaneous massaging in downward strokes. The benefits of getting a pizhichil promote help with the removal of toxin build-up, improve blood circulation, strengthens muscles thereby increasing immunity and balances the Vata dosha. Through a simple booking, you can easily avail the treatment. If you are having any problems or want to know more about the treatment, you can easily consult an appointment with our doctors.

Uniqueness Of Ayurlife

 Ayurlife specializes in treating various illnesses and medical conditions with authentic ayurvedic treatments resulting in perfect health. For performing the treatments we have a team of highly trained and qualified doctors, therapists and ayurvedic practitioners. For years, our osteoarthritis treatment i.e pizhichil has provided successful and improved health results to many patients without the need for surgery. Being a reputed ayurvedic clinic in Singapore, the treatments provided at Ayurlife are determined based on the patient’s health status, body type and vital information. Book an appointment at our clinic today to experience the best of Ayurveda.

kativasti therapy

Kati vasti therapy for improving lower back problems


Lower back pains are one of the most excruciating pains in the human body and are not something worth enjoying at all. Although, these pains used to occur in people as they age, leading a sedentary lifestyle with little to no exercise has increased the risk of getting these conditions very early. Even though there are several treatments for lower back pain, spinal related issues, preferring kati vasti therapy, a natural ayurvedic treatment is more preferred among people in recent times. Being an ayurvedic treatment, it is considered safe and offers long-lasting pain relief and healing through natural means.

What makes this treatment the preferred choice for many is that unlike a cure for lower back ache, Kativasti can be considered as a preventive treatment against lower back problems & related issues that may occur in the future. Kativasti is derived from the words “Kati” meaning lower back & “vasti”, a pouch-like arrangement, so in essence, the treatment involves pouring medicated oils into a specifically constructed pouch which is placed on the lower back. The oil poured into the pouch gets absorbed into the skin and promotes natural healing.

lower back strain

What makes kati vasti therapy popular?

Unlike other forms of medicine, kati vasti therapy involves the use of organic medications which are considered safe and natural. The medications are determined by qualified ayurvedic practitioners based on the person’s body type and health conditions. After pouring the oil, it is replaced at regular intervals by the therapists and also the oil heat is maintained throughout the process. The oil used for this treatment has several healing properties that cleanses the blood, improves muscle strength and connective tissue health.

The sole reason why Kativasti is popular is that it is a proven ayurvedic deep tissue procedure for treating lower back issues, back traction, cervical spondylosis and related problems. Due to the popularity, there are many established ayurvedic clinics in Singapore providing the treatment and getting the procedure done at Ayurlife is a pretty good idea.

The natural benefits

Kativasti is a unique ayurvedic procedure that has several long term health benefits. Getting the treatment done at Ayurlife provides you with the following health perks:

  • Provides natural relief to most types of lower back strain, spinal disorders, stiffness.
  • Helps strengthen back muscles which maintain normal spine curvature
  • Increases blood circulation & strengthens joints, muscles and soft tissues
  • Nourish and strengthen the muscles and nerves.

The benefits are even more which you can experience yourself once you book an appointment at our ayurvedic clinic. Other than the health benefits, our ayurvedic treatments are affordable for all which makes it another valid reason to prefer these treatments.

kativasti therapy


Does this treatment have any side effects?

Being an ayurvedic treatment, there are no side effects in getting this treatment as there is no sort of body contact procedures like massage involved. This makes it suitable for all people suffering from lower back ache. However, there are some precautions to take as the procedure involves pouring warm medicated oils on the skin, the patient is required to not have any wounds on skin injuries as it may cause problems.

If you are having any existing health conditions, it is important to share them with our doctors so that we can determine whether the treatment is right for your ailment. As warm oil is used for the treatment, if it is done by someone inexperienced, this can lead to burns or blister formation which is not good. This is why you should get kati vasti therapy done at Ayurlife.

What we do at Ayurlife

As mentioned before, we are one of the most reputed ayurvedic clinics that provides a wide range of effective health care treatments and procedures for various ailments. We aim to provide long term healing and improved health benefits to all our customers. To deliver that, we have a team of qualified ayurvedic doctors, therapists and practitioners who follow the recommended ayurvedic traditions to heal patients. To get the best results, we provide our treatments along with a recommended diet plan that helps our patients lead a healthy lifestyle. When you book an appointment at Ayurlife, we assure you of better health and natural pain relief through our treatments.

shirodhara therapy

Why Shirodhara treatment should be part of your healthy life

Leading a healthy life is important to all of us as it provides immunity against diseases and other medical conditions. However, some people may not be able to lead one primarily due to several factors such as a stressed life, anxiety and other physical issues. With a Shirodhara treatment from Ayurlife, you can rejuvenate your body and mind. In this blog, we tell you why you should opt for our Shirodhara procedure as part of your routine.

What makes Shirodhara therapy so special?

Shirodhara is a highly popular Ayurvedic procedure in which medicated ayurvedic oils are poured in a constant, gentle stream over the forehead. The purpose of the Shirodhara procedure is to balance the Vata Dosha imbalance in the body, particularly in the head and neck regions. What makes this treatment special is that when performed correctly by a well-known ayurvedic clinic Singapore, it is a quick and powerful way to calm the mind and support high-quality sleep. If you are feeling stressed out or filled with anxiety or other conditions, booking a Shirodhara proves beneficial. Being an ayurvedic treatment, the healing results are natural which makes it one of the reasons to prefer it.

shirodhara treatment

When should I choose a Shirodhara treatment

Normally Shirodhara is performed to provide long-lasting relief to the patient suffering from illness thereby maintaining health. However, if you are facing any of the following conditions or symptoms mentioned below, that would be a time to opt for our treatment. Even though there are more, but we have added only the most common ones.

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Dry skin
  • Hair loss
  • Insomnia
  • Physical stiffness
  • Chronic headaches

You need to remember that Shirodhara is not a one-time solution for curing your illness. Being an ayurvedic treatment, we advise you to get the treatment done periodically to get the full benefits along with leading a healthy lifestyle. Ayurlife is a widely known ayurvedic clinic for its innovative treatments that include the Shirodhara procedure.

Speaking of illness, if you are undergoing any sort of medications, it is important to share that with the best ayurvedic doctor in Singapore. Even though Shirodhara is a recommended procedure, there are some exceptions to it. If the patient has unhealed health issues, injuries, wounds, or is pregnant, it is not advisable to undergo Shirodhara.

The procedure behind Shirodhara

Pouring oil onto your forehead from a suspended vessel may seem easy to hear but in reality, careful precautions have to be taken in terms of medications used and the health of the patient. At Ayurlife, our qualified ayurvedic practitioners determine the duration and number of sessions needed. The duration may vary from 30 min to a full hour. All these are determined based on the patient’s age, constitution, dominant dosha type and severity of any diseases.

Also, to make things smoother and better for the patient, a warm massage is given before the procedure and the vessel is adjusted so that it stays directly over their forehead. Once the oil starts pouring onto the forehead, the practitioner who is performing the treatment moves the vessel in such a way that the liquid pours all over the forehead. The excess oil is gently wiped off and a steam bath is given to the client.



The Post treatments 

After the procedure has been completed, the patient is required to follow certain things. One of these includes not being exposed to wind or cold for at least 24 hours after treatment. We recommend consuming light digestible food on the days of treatment. Also, to lead a healthy lifestyle, it is advisable to avoid fried, heavy and refrigerated foods and prefer hot, fresh foods. Also, using hot water for drinking and bathing purposes is ideal. Booking a consultation session with an authentic Kerala Ayurvedic Centre like Ayurlife will help you.

What makes Ayurlife the better choice?

One of the things that make us the best is our hard-earned years of experience in performing various Ayurvedic treatments. Our medicinal therapies are known for their excellent healing properties that improve overall health. At Ayurlife, we provide a wide range of ayurvedic therapies that include abhyangam, Shirodhara therapy, Podikizhi, Janu vasti, Netra tharpanam & more. The medications and concoctions for all our services are prepared by the best ayurvedic practitioners using organic materials carefully sourced from nature. We aim to make your health better using organic healing solutions. Opt for a Shirodhara treatment today and feel the goodness of authentic Ayurveda.