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What is Ayurveda?

It is a mind-body health treatment system that was developed thousands of years ago in India. Ayur means life and Veda means science/knowledge. So Ayurveda means the science of life. Read more.

What is Physio-Veda?

Physio-Veda is a form of treatment that combines Ayurvedic treatments and Physiotherapy. Physio-Veda involves hard, deep-tissue massages with traction which can be very painful for the first few sessions. Read more.

How to pay?

You can pay using cash or NETS.

Why are your services only 55 mins when other Ayurveda centres give 60 mins?

The 60 minutes at other Ayurveda centres also include the time that you take to get changed and prepare for the therapy. To make it easier for customers to understand they mention 60 mins. However, we wish to be honest with our customers and tell them what exactly they’re getting.

What to expect when I’m coming for a therapy session?

After a consultation with our Ayurveda Physician, you can either choose to start therapy that day or book an appointment for it. To begin therapy, you have to switch to the therapy costume. You will be given five minutes for the dress change. After the session, you can wipe off the extra oil on your body. It will be best to take a shower only after about 2 hours or so.

I don’t like the smell of oil. Can I still get the therapy?

Yes, you can. You can request for therapy sessions that use no oil.

What can I expect when I’m coming for my FREE consultation with the Ayurveda Physician?

Our Ayurveda Physician Lakshmi J. Nair is a very professional and warm person. She will ask you about your health conditions and maybe touch the problem areas, especially to assess the level of pain you feel. Of course, your privacy will be respected and she won’t touch you anywhere inappropriate.