Services & Pricing

Ayurlife is the first and only Ayurveda Clinic in Singapore to provide both Ayurvedic treatment as well as an Ayurveda+Physiotherapy treatment called Physio-Veda.

Physio-Veda is our speciality treatment, an innovative approach to the management of specific musculoskeletal, neuromuscular and orthopaedic conditions, and as the name suggests, Physio-Veda involves hard, deep-tissue therapy which can be very painful for the first few sessions. But session-by-session you will start experiencing a tremendous improvement in your condition, as Physio-Veda incorporates a wise combination of well-established Manipulative Physiotherapy methods complemented by a range of ayurvedic herbs and ayurvedic oils. Physio-Veda is best for illnesses like frozen shoulder, ortho related complains and sports injuries.

Ayurveda, however, is different in the sense that the therapies are lighter and not the main source of treatment. Unlike Physio-Veda, Ayurvedic treatment analyses your body type (vatta, pitta, or kapha) based on the biological energies found throughout your body and mind. Then using that information, our Ayurveda Physician Lakshmi J. Nair will advise various therapies, herbal remedies and medications to address the root causes of diseases and symptoms, thus gifting us with improved health and better quality of life.

Main Treatments & Pricing

  1. Physio-Veda Therapy – SGD 75.00 for 45 mins
  2. Abhyangam – SGD 65.00 for 1 hr
  3. Abhyangam + Shirodhara – SGD 80.00 for 1 hr
  4. Abhyangam + Podikizhi – SGD 65.00 for 1 hr
  5. Abhyangam + Kativasti with Traction – SGD 65.00 for 1 hr
  6. Abhyangam + Januvasti with Traction – SGD 65.00 for 1 hr
  7. Abhyangam + Pizhichil – SGD 65.00 for 1 hr
  8. Abhyangam + Shiroabhyanga – SGD 65.00 for 1 hr
  9. Abhyangam + Nethra Tharpanam – SGD 65.00 for 1 hr
  10. Abhyangam + Nasyam – SGD 65.00 for 1 hr
  11. Abhyangam + Takradhara – SGD 65.00 for 1 hr
  12. Abhyangam + Talapothichil – SGD 65.00 for 1 hr
  13. Abhyangam + Udhwarthanam – SGD 65.00 for 1 hr