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Ayurvedic Back Pain Treatment In Singapore

Ayurvedic Back Pain Treatment

Back pain is the most common reason for often visiting your doctor or missing your work and is the leading cause of disability affecting people worldwide. Ayurvedic back pain treatment in Singapore essentially takes measures to get relief from back pain episodes.  Back pain can cause muscle aching to shoot, stabbing or burning sensation. In addition, the pain may spread to your legs and jt may worsen while you lift, bend, twist stand or walk. Back pain needs immediate self-care if you have new bowel or bladder problems, accompanied by a fever, or when you fall injuring your back.

Back pain can range in intensity from dull, continuous pain to sudden, sharp or shooting pain. It can start suddenly as a result if you have met with an accident or by lifting something heavy, or it can develop with age. Back pain can also happen if you do little exercise followed by a strenuous workout.

Back pain is of two types Acute and chronic back pain. Acute back pain is also known as short term back pain that lasts for a few days or weeks. Most of the back pain is acute which will be relieved within a few weeks. Chronic back pain is one that continues for 12 weeks or longer.

Management of Back Pain in Ayurveda

In this modern age and our fast-paced lifestyle, back pain can be caused by our posture, strained muscles and inflammation of pelvic points which in turn leads to aggravated Vata. 

The Ayurvedic treatment for back pain focuses on aspects like diet, lifestyle, herbal remedies. Lifestyle change involves changing the posture for the maintenance of the natural curvature of the spine while herbal remedies focus on reducing the inflammation of the smooth tissue and relaxing the muscles. 

Ayurveda delivers holistic solutions to find the root cause of back pain, gain long-term relief, and prevent recurrences. Ayurveda is one of the best treatments for back pain as it targets the entire body to get your back in balance. AyurLife is a Natural Healing Centre with physician’s who are experts in the field. The centre offers modern therapy rooms with diagnosing facilities and traditional ayurvedic treatments. We provide specialized personal care for the patients with full-fledged therapies and massages which will help you to get relief from your back pain and heal your body.