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Cervical spondylosis in Ayurveda

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Cervical spondylosis in Ayurveda

Cervical spondylosis is a common term for age-related wear and tear on the cervical spine, which can cause neck pain, stiffness in the neck and other symptoms. This condition is sometimes called arthritis or osteoarthritis in the neck. Cervical spondylosis in Ayurveda has special techniques and procedures to restore your health.

Changes in your spine is a normal factor as you age. By the age of 60, nine out of 10 people have cervical spondylosis. The spine may begin this wear-tear process in the early 30s. This one increased a lot once work at home started as at home people sit in wrong postures leading to an increase in cervical spondylosis.

Ageing is a risk factor for cervical spondylosis. In addition to age, you will also experience cervical spondylosis associated with symptoms like :

  • If you are a person smoking a cigarette
  • In this situation, there are one or more family members.
  • When straining your neck often for your work, look overhead or downward.
  • Have met with an accident injuring your neck
  • construction workers with heavy lifting
  • Subject to vibrations such as bus or truck drivers.

Symptoms of Cervical spondylosis:

You may have cervical spondylosis, you don’t even know it. The absence of symptoms associated with this condition is normal.

If you experience symptoms, the symptoms usually range from:

  • Neck pain: The pain may worsen when you move your neck.
  • The soreness of the neck
  • A clicking, popping sound when you move your neck
  • Dizziness
  • Headache.

Management of Cervical spondylosis in Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, cervical spondylosis is the same as Greeva Stambha which is a disorder of Vata. Vyana Vayu is responsible for bodily movements. It is a medical condition characterized by cervical spine deterioration and decreased density of the cervical spine, narrowing or absence of nerves. Also known as varicose veins, pain and stiffness in the hands and neck, which reduces the function of the hand or is caused by ageing.

In Ayurlife, Ayurvedic management of cervical spondylosis is through internal medicine and external therapies which includes Panchakarma. The treatment is primarily aimed at reducing the strength and mobility of the hands and arms, recovery from pain. In addition, Ayurlife aims to identify the root cause of each patient’s condition and deliver appropriate treatments.
We find particularly strong results with patients who have developed the condition through inappropriate posturing and habits. For those who have developed a condition like cervical spine spondylosis, health can be restored and maintained.