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In Sanskrit Abhyangam means application of oil. It is a full body therapy using warm medicated oil. Abhyangam is practiced daily for an energetic and long life span. Its benefits include eliminating bodily impurities, reducing weight, softening and smoothening skin and reducing signs of ageing. It is a remedy for various diseases. Abhyangam imparts strength to our sensory organs and prevents nerves disorders. It can prevent degeneration and declines the ageing process.

How it benefits your body?

  • Obesity is one of the main problems facing by many of us. People are trying many ways to get rid of the fat from their body. They are ready to spend any amount of time and money for this. It is caused mainly because of the consumption of junk foods, which gets accumulated with impurities and toxins.
  • Abhyanga is the best remedy to burn fat and detoxify your body. It helps us in controlling overweight without any side effects.
    This therapy with warm medicated oil can promote sound sleep and there by helps in relaxation. It gives a nourishment to the body system, inducing a calmness and hence reduce anxiety.
  • Environmental pollution can make our skin dry and make it prone to many skin diseases. Abhyangam helps us with soft and smooth skin. It can hydrate skin tissues and slows down ageing process.
  • Abhyanga can improve the blood circulation and removes all the toxins from the body and gives relief from diseases. It can then make us relaxed and energetic.

5 minutes (excluding the 1 hr) allowance for changing clothes and getting the therapy started.

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