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Abhyangam + Takradhara

Takradhara is a traditional ayurvedic procedure wherein a stream of buttermilk is poured onto the affected body part. Takra means buttermilk and dhara means pouring. Takradhara is useful in treating Psoriasis, hypertension, lack of sleep/insomnia as well as migraine/headaches. It can be done over the head, for the whole body or on any part of the body. It aids in treating fatigue by reducing stress and anxiety and also increases blood flow to the brain.

How it benefits your body?

  • With its cooling properties, buttermilk induces its attributes on the body and mind. By making the mind relaxed, it reduces the mental stress. It is then helpful for relieving insomnia, stress and depression.
  • Along with reducing the headache, it has other benefits of providing improved digestive power, preventing greying of hair, and other ailments.
  • Takradhara is done along with abhyangam, oil therapy for improving immunity. This can stimulate the internal organs and blood circulation, inducing the production of white blood cells, and then helps in maintaining immunity in a sufficient level.

Duration: 1 hr | Price: SGD 65.00

5 minutes (excluding the 1 hr) allowance for changing clothes and getting the therapy started.

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