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Abhyangam & Lepanam

Best Ayurvedic Medicine For Skin Disease

Application of medicated herbal paste on affected parts of the body. It is prepared by blending medicinal herbs and liquids according to the condition of the patient. It is useful for
reducing arthritis, inflammatory conditions, skin diseases and eczema. Lepanam is a body scrub that can make the skin smooth, improve blood circulation, manage pain, and remove skin disorders. It is done mainly for relieving inflammatory conditions.

How it benefits your body?

  • It helps body to activate its capacity to purify and heal naturally.
  • It helps in reducing pimples, dark scars and wrinkles.
  • With the medicinal values of the herbal paste, Lepanam helps in providing clean, smooth and glowing skin.
  • The conditions of arthritis can be effectively cured with Lepanam.


Climatic change and a transformation in work culture have placed our skin health at a point of risk. Exposure to the pollutants and increased sweating due to high temperatures have set the room for virus and fungal infection. Along with this, hormone changes happening out for multiple reasons, including changes in food habits, have resulted in various inflammatory diseases.

In one way or other, our skin is intoxicated. Continuous exposure to this constantly changing atmosphere has taken away the smoothness and fairness of our skin. Skin is not the only body part affected. The increased amount of inflammatory diseases derives a serious concern today. The cases of arthritis and eczema are also rising. To get relief from all the above-mentioned problems and to purify their skin, people are preferring Ayurveda today.

With a wide range of natural therapy methods, Ayurveda is promising in improving your skin health. Lepanam therapy in Ayurveda is considered one of the best Ayurvedic medicine for skin disease. With a systematic approach of incorporating traditional methods, Ayurlife will purify and provide you with clean, smooth, and glowing skin. Also, Lepanam therapy performed by our experts will address your inflammatory diseases and arthritis.

The medication for the therapy will be selected only after analyzing the dosha imbalance of the patient’s body. Proper counseling sessions will be given before the therapy to prepare the patient mentally for the therapy. Complete cooperation from the patient is expected in terms of diet and medications for achieving maximum results out of the therapy.


We understand how hard it is to continue a life with inflammatory and skin disorders. Aging is a problem and a phenomenon that we cannot restrict. But all health concerns are not a by-product of aging. In a scenario of increased cases of skin and joint disorders getting reported, Ayurveda is trying to give hope of survival. Lepanam Ayurvedic therapy for skin disease is promising to improve all your skin-related diseases. Special attention will be given to inflammatory diseases by the experts in Ayurlife. Patients are recommended to bring their previous therapy documents at the time of consultation if there are any. The duration of our therapy will be one hour. For more information, please feel free to contact us. Get an appointment today itself and step into a new life

Duration: 1 hr| Price: SGD 65.00 | SGD 500 for 10 session

5 minutes (excluding the 1 hr) allowance for changing clothes and getting the therapy started.