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Abhyangam & Udwarthanam

Full Body Massage

Full body dry therapy with medicated herbal powder. In this therapy, the body will be coated with herbal powders and massage techniques are performed. Excess fat then melts by
generating heat through massaging. It is a highly effective approach for weight loss, and it also improves your complexion, prevents wrinkles as well as refreshes and rejuvenates the whole body.

How it benefits your body?

  • It is an effective therapy to loss weight and removing toxins from the body. The accumulated excess fats are reduced to help in losing weight.
  • A good rate of metabolism can be achieved by reducing cholesterol with improved blood circulation.
  • Exfoliates the dead cells in the skin and thereby makes the skin soft and leads to feel lightness. It also helps in toning the muscles for improved strength.
  • With udwarthanam body will become more flexible by imparting mobility to the joints.


From an era of our ancients who kept hunting for food, we reached today a stage where we have to run to reduce body weight. Inventions and technological advancement are undoubtedly crucial for our evolution. But changes in our lifestyle and eating habits are placing our health at a point of risk. Obesity is a problem encountered by a lot, especially those who love junk food. But is that it?

Being overweight is not just a single visible health condition. Hidden threats of obesity are countless. The list elongates from metabolic disorders to accumulation of cholesterol and risk of a heart attack. An obese person may obviously have to go through body-shaming insults which might even take them to depression. Everyone likes to stay fit and healthy. Many of them are putting sincere effort by doing regular exercise. It’s true that exercise has numerous health benefits but for certain cases, medical intervention itself is necessary.

For those who dream of a lightweight life, Ayurlife is a game-changer. Our Udwarthanam full body therapy performed by experts is committed to reducing your body fat. Vigorous rubbing of herbal powders will sweat your body and improve blood circulation. An Abhyangam massage incorporated with udwarthanam will regenerate your skin cells and improve the mobility of your joints. A counseling session will be provided by our doctors to prepare the patient mentally for the procedure. Along with this, the diet to be followed and medications to be taken will be instructed.


If you are a person who struggles with obesity and related health issues, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Ayurlife. Our Udwarthanam body massage conducted by experts is the best choice for you to improve your condition. Along with this, your skin issues and metabolic disorders will be addressed. It is recommended to bring your previous medical records if there are any. The duration of this procedure is just one hour. The number of days of the sessions will be decided only after a proper analysis of the dosha imbalance of the patient. For more details, please feel free to contact us any time.

Duration: 1 hr | Price: SGD 80.00 | SGD 650 for 10 session

5 minutes (excluding the 1 hr) allowance for changing clothes and getting the therapy started.