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Significance Of Insomnia Treatment In Ayurveda


Sleeping is a recharging process for our mind and body. Studies show that to overcome all the tiredness and to work efficiently, an adult requires to sleep 7 hours per day. The duration will vary with respect to age. Unfortunately, the number of people struggling for quality sleep is increasing.

Sleeping disorders are numerous. Among them, insomnia and sleep apnoea are the most predominant ones. Insomnia is a condition that prevents you from sleeping well on regular basis. Stress generated due to work pressure and change in lifestyle are contributory factors for this condition. Apart from this, various dimensions of anxiety and depression can lead to insomnia.

Sleep apnoea is a serious sleeping disorder in which breathing stops and starts repeatedly. This condition is mainly caused by age factors and obesity. Unhealthy food habits including the consumption of junk food and cool drinks will add to the situation.

Even though you are not having any serious sleeping disorders as above mentioned, you may have experienced a lack of quality sleep for a certain period of your life. Attempting to sleep with a disturbed mind is as hard as trying to smile while you are broken inside. Ayurveda is providing a solution addressing the concerns of all who are struggling to sleep well. After an era of ignorance, ayurvedic medicines for depression and insomnia are gaining their importance as a part of necessity.

Ayurvedic Medicine For Depression And Insomnia Without Side Effects

To remove all your stress and to sleep well, directing your attention towards Ayurveda can be an ideal choice. Expert therapist in Ayurlife is capable of meeting your expectation regarding wellness. Specialized ayurvedic therapies like Shirodhara, Thakradhara and Shiro Abhyanga incorporated with a body massage will relax your mind. These therapies performed by our well-experienced staff will address insomnia.

Apart from these, treatments like Thalapothichil are also available for reducing stress and bringing quality sleep. According to Ayurveda, sleeping disorders are caused by the imbalance of Vata or Pitta. Through a detailed examination of the patient, appropriate treatment will be scheduled.

Complete cooperation of the patient is expected in terms of diet and medications at the time of treatment. More than a treatment method, Ayurveda is considered as a lifestyle. For enjoying the benefits of the treatment in long run, the patient will have to follow the ayurvedic lifestyle even after he is out from our clinic.

For all the people who are wandering out of sleep, Ayurveda can bring some relief. With years of experience and expertise, insomnia treatment in Ayurveda offered by Ayurlife can take you out of your current situation. Through a systematic and professional approach, we can reward you with quality sleep.