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Sports Injury in Ayurveda treatment

Sports Injury In Ayurveda Treatment

If you are an athlete playing sports, you may probably end up facing an injury at least once.
Normal sports injuries include sprains, strains, sprains, swollen muscles, rotator cuff injuries, knee injuries, fractures and dislocations. Sports Injury in Ayurveda treatment helps to alleviate pain you have suffered for a long time.

Some sports problems are acute injuries that cause very significant symptoms as a result of a sudden event. Others are chronic and overuse injuries that may have more subtle symptoms over time or continuously.

Sports injuries can occur due to an accident, impact, poor training practices, improper equipment, lack of conditioning or insufficient warm-up and stretching. This may cause issues like muscle sprains and strains, ligaments and tendon tears, dislocated joints, broken bones and head injuries are common. Although the joints are most vulnerable to sports injuries, any part of the body can get hurt on the court or with the field.

Sports injuries usually fall into two categories that are acute or chronic, are caused by a direct impact, loading (more power than a joint can handle), or overuse. An acute injury is the result of an incident like a slip, fall, tackle, or collision that may lead to noticeable symptoms. A chronic injury is a long-term injury that cannot be healed completely. Managing sports injury using Ayurvedic treatment with bandaging and massaging has a lot of benefits.

Back pain is of two types Acute and chronic back pain. Acute back pain is also known as short term back pain that lasts for a few days or weeks. Most of the back pain is acute which will be relieved within a few weeks. Chronic back pain is one that continues for 12 weeks or longer.

Management of Sports Injury in Ayurvedic treatment:

At AyurLife, we follow special Panchakarma techniques which will refresh your body and mind thereby enhancing the logical capability with accuracy and power to cope up with stress. Ayurvedic Management helps in alleviating the pain, enhances the function, decreases the disability and strengthens the joints. Sports Injury in Ayurvedic treatment also helps in the rejuvenation of muscles, rational mind boosting. The sports injury ayurvedic treatments include massaging with Njavara kizhi, elakizhi and many more. Bandaging is one of the main procedures while handling sports injuries.

Bandaging and massaging with some Ayurvedic management increases the success rate in almost all cases.

Our treatment for sports injury is specialized to heal your

  • Knee injuries and recovery from an ACL tear, knee pain, quadriceps tendon inflammation, articular cartilage injuries, patellar pain, ligament injuries and recurrent dislocations.
  • Injury to the shoulder which also includes dislocations, rotator cuff injury, clavicle fracture, inflammation of biceps, shoulder pain
  • Back injuries like muscle strain, sciatica, lower back pain, slip disc.
  • Hip and thigh injuries
  • Foot and ankle injuries
  • Injuries to the neck like neck stiffness, and restricted movements.
  • Shin and calf injuries like muscular cramps and calf pain.
  • Elbow and arm pain.
  • Wrist and thumb injury.
  • Head injury.