Control  Diabetes with Kerala ayurvedic centre

Control Diabetes With  Kerala  Ayurvedic Centre Kerala ayurvedic centre has a long tradition healing prominent lifestyle diseases of today’s world. Diabetes is one among them. The alarming rate of the…

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Natural Remedies With Ayurvedic Health Care For This Dry Season

The hot season alarm started ticking with light sounds. Our body has a numerous mechanisms that keep changing according to the environment and seasonal changes. Keep in mind that your daily tantrums may starts to move with the thermometer reading outside. (more…)

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The postnatal period is always a delicate stage in the lives of mothers and their newborns. But this is usually always neglected or skipped without caution. At Ayurlife, we have specialised staffs in post natal therapy who have expertise in meeting all the needs of a woman after her pregnancy. (more…)


Natural therapy for diabetes & depression

Are you suffering from diabetes?

Do you feel depressed, tired or anxious?

Ayurlife, Kerala ayurveda centre Singapore is here before you to make you aware about the ayurvedic treatments for lifestyle diseases.

Diabetes and depression have a direct relationship and it goes hand in hand. Have you ever thought about this? Our health is regarded as our great wealth. We could do necessary actions to retain sound health. (more…)

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