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Nasyam Ayurvedic Therapy in Singapore

Nasyam Ayurveda therapy: A therapy to Renew Your Whole Being

If you wish to manage various illnesses associated with the head region a simple Nasyam Ayurveda therapy can be your ideal choice. This is a detoxification therapy that helps with headaches, migraine, and disorders like sinusitis. The herbal oils used in this procedure are passed through the nostrils and are absorbed by the blood vessels. They energize the nervous system and venous systems. 

These medicated oils reach the nervous system and calm the nerves. They reduce stress,  promote relaxation and induce sleep. This is a panchakarma procedure that detoxifies the body, prevents premature graying of hair, helps with ENT related disorders, and improves your skin tone. 

Nasyam Ayurveda therapy

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Different types of Nasyam

There are different types of Nasyam. These are: 

Virechana Nasyam: Virechana Nasyam also known as Shodhana Nasyam is an Ayurvedic procedure to eliminate the doshas affecting the head region. In this procedure, ghee or medicated oils are poured down through the nostrils to remove the toxins in the nasal passage, throat and head. This helps expel accumulated Pitta dosha. This procedure corrects the imbalance of Pitta in the digestive system improving digestion and cleansing and rejuvenating the liver. This also provides cooling effects reducing heat-related symptoms like inflammation, burning sensations, and excessive sweating.

Snehana Nasyam: This procedure involves the administration of herbalised oil mixed with camphor or other plant extracts into the nose. This is good for stiffness in the neck, dry nose, sinuses, bursitis, and lack of sense of smell. This procedure is also known as Brihmana Nasyam. 

Pradhamana Nasyam: Usually in Nasyam, oils are poured down the nasal passage, however, in Pradhaman Nasya dry powders are administered into the nose. This is helpful with sinusitis, nasal congestion, and voice problems. This is beneficial in managing diseases like tumors.

Shamana Nasyam: In this Nasya treatment disorders originating due to Pitta imbalance and vitiation of blood are managed by pouring medicated oils, milk, and decoctions. This helps with eye diseases. Shamana Nasyam also helps with premature wrinkles, graying and thinning of hair. 

Nasyam: Procedure

Nasya therapy is a simple procedure that revitalizes the nerves and functions of the brain. This procedure starts with massaging the shoulder in the upward direction. Then the medicated oil is administered into the nostrils. The patient is asked to inhale while the masseurs massage the head area along with palms, and feet.

Like any other Ayurvedic procedure, the Nasya therapy follows purva karma, pradhana karma and pashchat karma.  


This is the pre-treatment procedure. Here, the patient is checked by the physician to evaluate whether they are medically fit to administer Nasyam. They look for individual constitutions and current medical conditions. Their medical history is also assessed. 

The herbal oil is decided as per the medical condition and its severity. Patients are asked to have a light meal before Nasyam. The patient is allowed to lie down on the massage table in a comfortable position. Then a mild massage is given. 

Pradhan Karma

Before beginning the main procedure, the head is lowered to a hanging position. The eyes are covered with a clean cloth to not let the oil enter into it.

Warm medicated oil or ghee is poured into the nostrils using proper tools. A mild massage is given to the palms, soles, and shoulders. Then the patient turns to the side to draw the herbal formulation into the throat for full benefits of the procedure.

Paschat Karma

During the post treatment phase, the individual is allowed to rest. Then the head area is subjected to mild sedation. Patient is advised to gargle to remove any residual materials. After the therapy, a light meal is taken. 

Benefits of Nasyam

Ayurvedha for Nasyam Treatment

Ayurveda for Nasyam Treatment is a detoxification procedure part of the Panchakarma involving the administration of oils through the nostrils. As a result of the body being free of toxins accumulated in the head, nose, and throat, detoxification of the body through oil administration through the nasal tube during Nasyam therapy offers many advantages (such as the ones listed below).  This procedure helps in removing toxins from the upper body parts such as head, eyes, ear, nose, throat and neck region. This procedure has several benefits. These include: 

  • Improves Memory
  • Provides relief from allergies
  • Corrects hormonal Imbalance
  • Helps with Sinus
  • Improves hair health and prevents premature graying
  • Improves the appearance of skin 
  • Manages nasal infections
  • Strengthens the brain and nervous system
  • Reduces headaches, migraines and cervical spondylosis
  • Boosts immunity
  • Beneficial for muscle and joint pain
  • Detoxifies the head and neck area
  • Reduces toothache and similar dental problems
  • Helps with medical conditions like paraplegia, Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and hemiplegia.

Side effects of Nasyam:

Though Nasyam is a great Ayurvedic therapy with a lot of benefits, it should always be performed after proper consultation with a medical practitioner. If administered wrongly, it may cause certain problems. 

Nasyam may lead to indigestion. It may cause exhaustion or inflammation of the sinuses. Patients are observed with fever after Nasyam. It may also cause injuries. 

Why choose Ayurlife for Nasyam

best Nasyam therapy in Singapore

Ayurlife is one of the leading Ayurvedic centers in Singapore that offers the best Nasyam therapy. We offer Best Ayurvedic Therapy center in Singapore along with Abhyangam to help our customers to get maximum benefits. We offer Ayurvedic consultation to check both the individual constitution and current medical condition before starting the procedure. Our experienced therapists know about the concerns and hesitations of our clients and offer therapies according to them. 

Our Nasyam therapy is intended to offer relief to headaches, migraines, rhinitis, allergies, sinusitis, and associated nasal disorders. This also helps to heal musculoskeletal disorders related to diseases of the eyes, ears, gums, teeth, and brain. The ayurvedic medicines used in this therapy are natural and free of side effects. We also offer special rates on packages. 

If you wish to get the Best Nasya Therapy center in Singapore visit Ayurlife. With Ayurlife all your health issues are addressed. 

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