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Nethra Tharpanam Ayurvedic Therapy: The best therapy for healthy eyes

Eyes are windows to our soul and reflect our love, hopes, happiness, sorrows, and deepest fears. They let us see the colorful world that surrounds us. Without eyes, we would lose half of the world’s beauty and wonder. However, in this age of technology and innovation, we often overlook the importance of caring for our eyes. This is where procedures like Nethra Tharpanam Ayurvedic Therapy come to help us. 

Though we know our unhealthy habits damage our precious eyes, we still find ourselves gravitating towards a sedentary lifestyle, spending long hours glued to electronic devices. Even infants seem to be captivated by screens, leaving them vulnerable to the potentially harmful effects of radiation. As opportunities in the technical field grow, individuals spend extended periods in front of screens, leading to eye strain, damage, and other physical discomforts. 

Techniques such as Netra Tharpanam Ayurvedic Therapy emerge as a rejuvenating procedure that not only revitalizes the eyes but also shields them from various ailments brought about by unhealthy lifestyles, professions, and environmental factors.

What is Nethra Tharpanam? 

Nethra Tharpanam is a rejuvenating and nourishing Ayurvedic therapy designed to promote and maintain eye health.  This procedure cleanses the eyes deeply and helps treat numerous ailments along with preventing new ones. This is part of the Panchakarma treatment, an Ayurvedic detoxification process. Netra means “eye” and Tharpanam means “rehydration”

Nethra Tharpanam Ayurvedic TherapyNethra Tharpanam Ayurvedic therapy for the Eye involves the application of medicated ghee around the eyes inside the ring of herbal paste, letting it pool around the eyes and providing a cooling effect to the eyes. This strengthens the eye nerves, alleviates eye strain, and gives relief from dry eye. 

Ayurveda aims to balance all the five elements that govern the health of the eyes. It also works on correcting pitta dosha which has adverse effects on the eyes. Netra tharpanam is an inclusive therapy that aims to integrate all this into one procedure offering you solutions to a large number of eye problems. The herbs used for this therapy are chosen based on individual constitutions and specific eye conditions. The preparation of ghee is followed as per the procedure prescribed in the ancient text. 


This therapy is performed by Ayurvedic practitioners who customize the ghee mixture based on an individual’s specific eye condition. The patient is asked to lie down comfortably, and the ghee is retained within the dam for a specific duration. During this time, the eyes absorb the beneficial properties of the medicated ghee, nourishing the eye tissues and improving their overall health.

Nethra Tharpanam Ayurvedic Therapy: Procedure 

Tharpanam is administered to both eyes together. It is done by retaining ghee on the eye sockets. Medicated ghee is liquified and poured into a ring made of black gram flour. The ghee is retained over the eyes for almost half an hour.  By this time it slowly trickles around the eyeball, eye socket, and optic nerve and enters into the nervous system and brain tissues providing maximum nourishment to the eyes and associated body parts.

Once the procedure is completed, the ghee is drained out, the ring is removed and the eyes are properly cleaned using a clean cloth. For better absorption of the ghee, fomentation can be done. Individuals are advised to keep their eyes closed during the procedure to provide more rest to the eyes. They are not allowed to be exposed to bright light. Activities that put a strain on the eyes such as reading, using computers, and watching television are not allowed. 

Therapists may prescribe some dietary modifications for better results. A course of tharpanam may be done for 7 to 14 days continuously.

Ayurlife – Ayurvedic Wellness Centre in Singapore Offers Netra Tharpanam 

If you’re seeking Nethra Tharpanam Ayurvedic Therapy or other Ayurvedic treatments for eye care, Ayurlife, an Ayurvedic wellness center in Singapore, is a reliable destination. Ayurlife offers a range of traditional Ayurvedic therapies, including Nethra Tharpanam, tailored to your specific needs. Our experienced practitioners ensure that you receive personalized care and the highest quality of Ayurvedic treatments.

Benefits of Nethra Tharpanam

Experienced medical practitioners at Ayurlife take extra care in offering Ayurvedic therapies in their authentic form as mentioned in the book of Ayurveda to fully transfer the benefits to the customers. With in-depth knowledge of Ayurvedic principles and practices, our expert staff ensures you get maximum return on the time and money you spend with us. 

There are loads of benefits associated with this therapy. A few of them include:

  • Reduces damage resulting from exposure to radiation from devices
  • Effectively reduces wrinkles and dark circles by nourishing the eye tissues
  • Relieves strain on eye muscles and lessens puffiness
  • Helps with migraines and headaches 
  • Herbs penetrate the tissues providing intense hydration which relieves stress and rejuvenates tired eyes.
  • Gives relief from burning eye sensations
  • Increases immunity and prevents future eye problems
  • Netra tharpanam is found to be an effective solution to corneal problems
  • Helps with itchiness and irritation of the eyes. 
  • Nourishes optical nerves and muscles and improves vision
  • Helps with ailments related to eyes such as cataracts, conjunctivitis, glaucoma, and various other infections.
  • Balances doshas
  • Reduces age-related vision problems
  • Improves concentration and mental clarity 

Though Netra tharpanam is loaded with benefits, if it is not administered properly can cause adverse effects. It should be done by an experienced Ayurvedic practitioner. The medicines should be applied in perfect dosage and duration. If it is not done properly it may cause various digestive issues and eye disturbances.  So, always move forward with such therapy only upon recommendation from a trained Ayurvedic practitioner. 

Ayurvedic Therapy of Tharpanam

Ayurvedic Therapy of Tharpanam Offers a holistic approach to maintaining and enhancing eye health. In a world dominated by screens and digital devices, this ancient Ayurvedic treatment provides a much-needed respite for tired and drained eyes. Ayurlife, an Ayurvedic wellness center in Singapore, stands as a source of hope for those seeking traditional and effective eye care solutions. By embracing Nethra Tharpanam and other Ayurvedic practices, you can protect your precious eyes and continue to appreciate the vibrant world around you. Your eyes deserve the best care, and Nethra Tharpanam has passed the litmus test of time and you can go for it without hesitation. 

Disclaimer: Ayurvedic therapies or procedures provided by Ayurlife are non-medical, non-invasive, and non-dental services. Our Ayurvedic therapeutic protocols are advised strictly after consultation with our senior consultant, Dr. Lakshmi J Nair, who is a qualified Ayurvedic specialist with a Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) from the Government College of Ayurveda in Trivandrum, accredited by Kerala University, Kerala, India.

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